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Peterborough Fulfilment and Service Centre

Need eCommerce fulfilment, same day or overnight delivery in Peterborough?

Our ambitious Peterborough network partner, Dan Zenchuk and his team, are on a fast track for growth. With over 30 established businesses signed up for their eCommerce Fulfilment and delivery services in under three months of trading, their sales are on track to double monthly, and they are a very hungry and determined to grow rapidly.

About our Peterborough Partners

Dan, his father Steven, and salesperson, Ashley Wilson, with the support of their operations team, have relished the challenge of transforming their business into a substantial logistics company in Peterborough. Not only are they Amazon delivery service partners, but they also run a fleet maintenance business, and are now focused on building their Diamond network partnership.

They were initially focused on fulfilling small last mile courier opportunities, however, with their new Diamond Network partnership their focus has shifted to successfully growing their fulfilment and delivery services. With an independent and creative team, Dan is very conscious of empowering people to have their own autonomy and shares their rewards with them. It’s one of the most dynamic network partners we’ve seen start at Diamond with a veritable flurry of account application forms in only two months’ worth of trading.

Interview with Director Dan

We recently caught up with Dan and asked how does he manage to keep his focus when he’s got so many strings to his bow? Dan responded with the following;

“If you want something done, ask a busy person! No really, I’ve got a great team who are fully versed in what they have to do with the different factors of the business. It’s important that each part of the business pays its way and it’s important my team are empowered to do this. Most of the Diamond partnership is in the start-up phase and we are fully focus on its growth. A Diamond Network Partnership doesn’t come without its capital investment. Previously speaking, we didn’t have our own physical premises, but we’ve invested heavily in order to establish a great fulfilment centre here in the heart of Peterborough to service local businesses, not only with eCommerce fulfilment, but with same day, deliveries and overnight and International Carrier collections too. It’s important that we make it work.”

Dan continued our discussion with his take on the Diamond business model;

“The Diamond model is a very different from what we were doing before. You’ve got to be aggressive about your sales program. You ultimately become a businessperson and I don’t want any element of my business costing me money so it’s important we got our partnership to a net cash, positive position very quickly.”

Dan went on to disclose his plans for the future;

“My ambitions don’t just stop at breakeven. Peterborough is well positioned from a cost basis and a resource basis in order to be able to provide quality logistics services for people in Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne, Spalding, Kings Lynn, Boston, St Neots, Huntingdon, Wisbech, March and the surrounding areas. And I believe that ZLS are the right partners to deliver this on behalf of Diamond’s customers.”

If Peterborough’s initial performance in the first two months is anything to go by, businesses who are looking for great fulfilment, same day, next day and international deliveries, might want to get a wriggle on and enquire about their services today. You don’t want to miss out, now do you?

For more information about our Peterborough Service Centre, visit their dedicated service centre page or, alternatively, you can check out their profile on our blog. For all other enquires simply call 0333 567 5888, email or complete the online form below.


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