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Why you need Multi Carrier Logistics

And why you really should be using Diamond – where service really is incomparable to other carriers

I’ve been having an interesting time speaking with a big client down in the PL postcodes, discussing the issues they were having with a particular carrier before Christmas. One of the major reasons they wanted to come and use us is that we have a multi carrier solution which means they have built in business continuity. And as we were coming to the end of our Sales negotiations, they decided to put us head to head with a local competitor who is undercutting our pricing by 20p per consignment.

The reason Diamond Logistics introduced a multi carrier solution is because we know carriers can fall down, whether this is due to international software being hacked, carrier sortation hubs being snowed in, carriers going bust, a carrier reaching peak capacity, strikes or a whole systems shutdown, these are real life examples of multiple carrier issues that have occurred in the last 5 years and luckily for our clients they have had an array of carriers to fall back on.

What happens if you have only got one carrier account?

Well frankly you’re a bit stuffed!

Imagine it’s getting close to Christmas and you’re relying on two carriers, thinking you’ve got all bases covered. Then one of them goes on strike, and one of them reaches capacity… and refuses to collect all your consignments in the busiest week of trade before Christmas Day. This really happened!

This is a real life example from a client that we are onboarding in Guildford, they believed all aspects of logistics were covered by these two carriers. Unfortunately, both of their carriers ‘fell over’ on the same day, this meant they had to stop distribution that day, leaving many customers unhappy!

Businesses simply cannot afford not to have business continuity plans in place. You need to know what your plan B is going to be and in fact your plan C and your plan D!
If there’s one thing that we’ve absolutely learned in the last 5 years, it’s that extraordinary things happen every single day. And logistics is an extraordinary industry already so it’s very important to make sure business continuity is built in.

More reasons why our multi carrier solution rocks:


Our IT is miles better – it will integrate AND give you 100% transparency so you can see how we are doing. You’ll save money per despatch on smooth integration. It may not be on headline rate but it will be saved in business processing cost.

The local ownership

If you have courier needs in the Plymouth area for example, you will be speaking with Ryan our Award-Winning Network Partner. Ryan established his Network Partnership from scratch using our business model, technology and carrier accounts and he has local businesses and people who can tell you just how lovely he really is!

Combination of services

We have a unique combination of services too. We are the only national network of fulfilment houses with the capability of same day Courier as well as overnight carrier. So whether you need your goods delivered that very same day in the UK or internationally or overnight then we’ve got it covered, for you.

Most other carriers are huge companies and you will be a number on a spreadsheet. To our local network partner you’ll be important. If you need a favour, flexibility or support, would you rather speak with ‘corporate services’ or a logistics partner just like Ryan?


Finally, it takes vision to see what value we can add to your supply chain. There is no way of proving this to you, without you trying us to see how much better we are, than a standard carrier than using us.

If you need a new logistics partner that’s got all the right attributes then please get in touch today.


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