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Low-Cost Overnight and International Deliveries for Dorset Businesses

The quality of the carrier network is incredible if you think how cheaply goods are delivered.

At the very least, consumers have got used to the concept of 24-hour delivery (and indeed sooner with all the new Same Day delivery apps), so businesses have had to adapt to provide these services.

Luckily for Dorset based businesses, Diamond Logistics Bournemouth can do both Overnight and International Deliveries and their Same Day Courier services.

Diamond Logistics in Bournemouth gives over 5,000 delivery options with their Overnight and International carrier delivery.

Working with carriers such as DHL, Yodel, Evri and even Royal Mail, Diamond provides Bournemouth and Poole businesses with great overnight services managed on the Despatchlab platform.


When to use Diamond overnight and international delivery

The services are great for people who have a mixed freight profile; small components, longer items, and parcel or package consignments going to multiple destinations in the UK and indeed the world.

Consolidating your multiple carrier requirements through one local supplier means businesses get the best opportunity to negotiate the best rates and have the best carrier for the goods to be delivered.

In simple language, this means if your business is in say, blinds and shutters, and you sell curtains, poles and curtain hooks – each consignment needs a different carrier.

Curtains need a parcel carrier, long poles need a carrier able to take longer goods and low cost items like curtain hooks are appropriate for low-cost service providers.

To meet all these needs, you need a company that sends all your goods via the very best carrier for the type of goods to be delivered and the ones that are best enabled to deliver too.

Some carriers are great at delivering to the Highlands, or European capitals, or Africa.

Diamond has them all – even carriers better at delivering business to business or at home deliveries.

Luckily, all this knowledge is built into Diamond’s Despatchlab system.


Technology at the forefront of delivery

Our clients don’t have to think – they simply put in an address and consignment size and our system does the rest.

Despatchlab’s clever algorithms work it all out automatically.

For our clients, this equates to the best carrier for your goods regardless of size or value, to the destination for the best price.

It’s simply, smart logistics.

Diamond Logistics in Bournemouth is the only company locally that will provide this service.

For quick answers to your most burning questions, we have created a handy frequently asked questions page for you. Alternatively, call us on 0333 567 5888, email or complete the below Contact Form:



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