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eCommerce Fulfilment Growth in Mid Wales

In this interview, Sian Jenkins – who leads the Diamond Logistics Mid Wales partnership – discusses the benefits of joining Diamond’s nationwide network.

Tell us about your business? 

We’ve been established as a family business in the pallet network since 2002 and have over 10 years’ experience in the overnight parcel industry. We’re based in Mid Wales and have two units with approximately 80,000 sq ft of space. Half of this is for our pallet network, and half is reserved for the storage and fulfilment side with Diamond Logistics, which we plan to grow.


What were you searching for in a partnership? 

We needed to diversify. We’d been in a parcel network but we were just the same as everyone else so we wanted to pursue eCommerce. We couldn’t afford to develop our own technology but we knew we needed it. We also wanted to access the group buyer rates which a Diamond partnership enables. 

And access to multi-carrier options on one system along with the Warehouse Management System was also important to us. We thought this was a great opportunity, especially in the current climate.  


What drew you to Diamond Logistics? 

We wanted Diamond support, expertise and its wealth of knowledge behind us. Diamond already had everything we needed.  


What have been the key benefits of becoming a Network Partner? 

Having the support from Head Office but also the Despatchlab technology. It sets us apart from the rest. We’re able to keep track of our customers parcels and orders all on one system, it’s absolutely fantastic. 


Why is it better than operating alone? 

Alone we couldn’t build a system which can access multi-carriers. Having that plus access to the group rates – because you’re part of a network – is great, as is the security. 


Did you have any concerns when taking on the partnership? 

Our main fear was losing control of the financial side because we’ve been used to dealing with it in-house. We actually gained more control because the level of finance skills they have at HQ is so high. We now have a direct debit option for customers, which gives us peace of mind that 99% of the time, bills will be paid.  

I can see up-to-date reports on my customers and we still handle credit issues (we are still the first point of call for them). It gives us real peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about the finances because it’s all in hand. That was our main fear but it’s actually become a strength. 


What support and training have you received from Diamond? 

Diamond offered us training right from the start which was step-by-step. They held our hand throughout the process. There’s been site visits too. We can also raise a ticket or pick up the phone if we have any questions. They’re improving training every month with new modules and videos. It’s the constant training which helps us evolve and move with the times. 


What three things have stood out for you during this process? 

Being supported by a friendly team and feeling that Diamond wanted to work with us as much as we wanted to work with them. Also the branding which helps us stand out from the crowd. 


How is it going so far? 

Really well, better than predicted. It’s shared success, they want us to profit as much as we do. It’s completely changed our business model. 

It has given us opportunities and tools to sell in our area. Customers love the idea of having a backup carrier they can use if one isn’t performing well. It’s one of the best decisions we have made as a business. 


What does the future hold? 

It’s pink and bright. I’d love for us to be the biggest fulfilment operation in the area. We certainly have the space and the backing.  

If you would like to find out more about Diamond’s eCommerce Fulfilment, Overnight, International or Same Day services, get in touch today on 0333 567 588, email the team at or complete the below Contact form.

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