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Diamond Cambridge Network Partner Testimonial

In this video Frank Coen  ̶  who heads up Diamond Logistics Cambridge alongside James Robinson  ̶   discusses the reasons behind his decision to become a Diamond Logistics Network Partner 

Tell us about your business? 

We were two companies, run by myself and James Robinson. I ran Coney Express and James operated James Robinson Transport. We’ve been operating independently for 15 years, but we’ve also been friends during that time. Between us we now operate the three businesses, including Diamond Logistics Cambridge, which launched 18 months ago in the early stages of the pandemic. 

What was the main reason you decided to become a Diamond Network Partner? 

We were looking to grow and develop new income streams for our businesses, which we have. Diamond presented us with the opportunity to do exactly that, especially around eCommerce fulfilment. 

What are the benefits of a Diamond Network Partnership?  

The fact it’s a national brand, collective bargaining, the doors it opens and the head office support we receive. There’s no way we could have afforded these types of resources within our former revenue streams. Without Diamond, we wouldn’t have access to the range of couriers or their preferential rates. It also gives us a sense of security. 

Tell us about your customers? 

Our first Diamond customer – a luxury homeware retailer – filled both our warehouses. They took over the whole business. We’re just in the middle of negotiations with some new ones too. We’re open to all types of products, we also have an alcohol licence, so we expect to pick up some customers from the drinks sector. 

How has the first 18 months been? 

Challenging, but Diamond has given us great support. It’s good knowing your partner has your back. We wouldn’t have had the resources to manage certain tricky situations without them. They offer strength behind the scenes. 

What would your advice be to others looking to choose Diamond? 

Join up! Do your research, work out what your finances are. Don’t expect to come in and have everything handed to you. You must go into the partnership strong, be customer focused and prepared to put the hours in. And it’s useful to have a good sales person on board from the start. 


What does the next five years look like for Diamond Logistics Cambridge? 

We’re opening a branch in Eastbourne in the coming weeks, so we’re already expanding. We want to grow our eCommerce fulfilment, which we definitely couldn’t do without Diamond. 

If you’re a logistics operation which would like to develop its service offering – whether it’s eCommerce fulfilment or Same Day, then consider becoming a Diamond Logistics Network Partner. Call our business development team on 0333 567 5888, email us at or complete the below Contact form for more information:



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