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A guide for European companies wanting a UK fulfilment partner for selling goods to UK consumers

Introducing Diamond Logistics for your UK eCommerce fulfilment needs.

Diamond Logistics has been providing eCommerce logistics solutions for UK companies for over 30 years.

Now that the effects of Brexit have stabilised, there’s a great opportunity for European companies to tap into the huge UK consumer market.

The UK is a leader in e-commerce sales in Europe, with a high demand for products from electric vehicle chargers to childrenswear, alcohol products to toys, and much more. European companies can maximise their sales in the UK by using Diamond Logistics as their trusted fulfilment partner.

Diamond Logistics can help European companies thrive in the UK

The UK is a lucrative market for European companies who want to increase their sales online. However, to succeed in this competitive market, they need to understand and meet the expectations of the savvy and demanding UK consumers.

One of the key expectations across the UK is fast delivery. Customers are used to getting their orders within 24 hours, or at most 48 hours, and any longer delivery times can result in poor reviews and reduced loyalty. Therefore, European companies need to ensure that they can deliver their products quickly and reliably to their UK customers.

UK consumers are also wary of additional or hidden charges, such as customs fees, when purchasing from outside the UK. Such fees can significantly increase the cost and discourage them from buying again. Any European companies wanting to boost their trade in the UK need to ensure that these fees are factored into the product price and that they store their products locally. This will ensure timely shipment to UK customers without any extra charges.

A third crucial expectation of the UK consumers is transparency and communication. They want to know when their orders have been processed, dispatched and delivered. This means that the logistics provider that European companies use must have the technology to provide real-time updates and notifications at every step of the journey.

Finally, UK consumers expect quality in terms of both goods and service. They want to receive their products in good condition and as described, and they want to have easy and convenient options for returns or refunds if needed.

To meet these expectations, European companies need a partner who can provide them with efficient and reliable e-commerce fulfilment services in the UK.

This includes receiving, storing, picking, packing, shipping and tracking online orders on behalf of online sellers.

Diamond Logistics is a trusted and leading eCommerce fulfilment partner in the UK with a reputation for efficiency, accuracy and unrivalled customer service supported by despatchlab, the company’s own cloud-based logistics platform that integrates and streamlines the logistics process.

There are a range of benefits for EU companies working with Diamond Logistics:

  • Lower shipping costs and faster delivery times – storing products closer to customers can save on transportation costs and offer faster and cheaper delivery options.
  • Easier customs procedures – shipping products in bulk to the UK avoids the hassle and expense of dealing with customs declarations, duties and taxes for each individual order.
  • Better compliance and quality – working with Diamond Logistics can help to ensure that products meet the UK standards and regulations, such as safety, labelling, packaging etc.
  • More transparency and communication – with Diamond Logistics customers can access real-time updates and notifications about their orders.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and retention – delivering products quickly and reliably to customers, without any extra charges or issues, will help to improve customer retention.

Challenges facing European companies in UK eCommerce fulfilment

Some of the challenges facing European companies selling to the UK consumer market are:

  • Brexit: The UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) has created uncertainty and complexity for EU online sellers who want to access the UK market. They have to deal with new customs procedures, duties, taxes and regulations that may increase their costs and risks and affect their competitiveness.
  • Logistics: EU online sellers have to find efficient and reliable ways to fulfil and deliver their orders to their UK customers, who expect fast, accurate and convenient delivery options. They may have to use UK fulfilment houses or third-party logistics providers to store and ship their products closer to their customers, which may involve additional requirements and responsibilities.
  • Competition: EU online sellers have to compete with hundreds of other sellers who are offering similar or better products, services or deals to the UK consumers. They have to differentiate themselves by offering unique value propositions that appeal to their target segments.
  • Consumer behaviour: EU online sellers have to understand and adapt to the changing needs, preferences and behaviours of the UK consumers who may be influenced by various factors such as the cost-of-living crisis or sustainability credentials.

What does a European company need to successfully trade in the UK?

Quality fulfilment
Each step of the process is vital, and you need to be satisfied that your fulfilment partner has the right processes in place to ensure a smooth journey from purchase to delivery, including stocking, picking, packing, despatching and delivering.

Great technology
It’s vital that you can track your customer orders every step of the way. Integrated technology that gives 100% transparency from the stock in your warehouse to the delivery time at final destination is vital.

Seamless marketplace integration
It is essential that your online sales platforms are seamlessly integrated. Not only does this open up your products to maximum consumer exposure, it also allows you to keep a live track on stock levels and allowing you to react accordingly.

uk eCommerce fulfilment

Flexibility of delivery
Your delivery partner needs to be able to provide a comprehensive service including 24 and 48 hour solutions, delivery to UK Mainland, Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland, to a vast range of consumers and businesses.

We work with partners including:

UK eCommerce fulfilment partners

Customer service and carrier management
Your fulfilment partner should be empowered to act to resolve customer queries swiftly to ensure issues are resolved satisfactorily, reflecting your company in the best possible light.

Monitored performance and business continuity
You need to know the statistics when it comes to fulfilment. Timings and consistency are key and transparency surrounding every step of the process is vital to ensure your partner is operating in the way you need them to.

Support with damages and claims
When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, make sure there is a simple and effective policy for your fulfilment partner to deal with this on your behalf. This will ensure a swift resolution for all parties.

Great Rates
It goes without saying that preferential rates are key to keep your overheads low and to reduce costs to the customer.

What’s important to UK consumers?

When it comes to online shopping, speed of delivery is essential. It affects customer experience, loyalty and convenience – all factors driving repeat purchases and adding long-term customer value.

Customer Service
Customer service is very important for online purchases, as it can affect the customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and trust.
According to a survey by Microsoft, 90% of global consumers said that customer service is a key factor in their loyalty to a brand. Moreover, 61% of global consumers said that they have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service.

Sustainability is an important factor for many UK consumers of online products. A report by OC&C Strategy Consultants found that 62% of UK consumers consider sustainability when making online purchases, and 33% are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

A solution with all the answers
Diamond Logistics is part of the Diamond Logistics and Technology Group Ltd – established in 1992. It is a company with innovation at its heart, founding its own technology arm 10 years ago with the creation of despatchlab – its own logistics management platform.

The company is owner-managed and led both nationally and regionally, with a core management team with hundreds of years of collective logistics experience.

Diamond Logistics operates as a partnership business model – meaning every stakeholder is 100% engaged in delivering great service to businesses throughout the UK and Europe and their customers.

The despatchlab logistics platform enables online sellers and courier companies to manage their fulfilment and delivery processes remotely. It integrates with various online marketplaces, global carriers and local couriers to provide a one-stop logistics solution with live updates and supply chain transparency.

What sets Diamond Logistics apart?

  • Wide UK geographical reach with over 35 service centres (despatchlabs) around the UK
  • Next day and international delivery via a multi carrier solution
  • Same day delivery UK-wide
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with network partners, carriers, couriers and their clients
  • Adoption of new technologies and innovations to improve services and capabilities
  • Superior customer service for you and your customers
  • Quality and compliance support


If you are looking for a UK based eCommerce fulfilment partner who can assist you with all the above, please get in touch today by filling in the form below:


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