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Are you a European company looking for 3PLs for your online UK distribution?

Calling all European Companies needing UK distribution

Outsourced logistics & UK distribution

We have been providing outsourced logistics solutions for companies in the UK since 1992. And since the ramifications of Brexit have had time to settle down, it is now time for European companies to take advantage of the huge market to UK consumers. The United Kingdom is at the forefront of eCommerce sales throughout Europe. being the consummate consumers from electric vehicle chargers to alcohol products to children’s wear and toys and much more. There is a huge market for those European companies who want to maximise their sales in the United Kingdom.

Speedy delivery

But in order to truly get traction in this competitive UK market you need to know that the UK consumer is a savvy online purchaser and are used to a few things. Firstly, they are used to speed of delivery. 24 hour delivery is the norm in the UK with very few online exceptions to that. Delivering outside of those delivery requirements tends to drive poor client reviews, so making sure you have a 24 or 48 hour delivery window is absolutely essential.

Good stock levels

Secondly, having your goods in stock locally is important too. The customers do not want to endure additional customs charges when your goods are sent from outside the UK because it vastly increases the cost and puts them off of making future sales. So making sure you take care of the original import and store your goods locally so goods can be forwarded to the end consumer without additional cost is very important.

Reliable technology

Thirdly, the technology behind delivery in the UK is taken for granted by the UK consumer. Every UK consumer wants a pre alert knowing that their goods have been picked, packed and dispatched and sent on their way. This means your third party logistics provider has to have a high level of technology implemented within the business so that the consumer has 100% transparency of the entire purchase from your online marketplace to expectations of the final delivery time.

Transparency of performance

Fourth and final is that you need to have 100% transparency of the performance of your third party logistics provider to give you comfort that your consumers in the UK are being given the same quality of logistics experience that your European customers would expect if you were doing your mainland Europe fulfilment. With the logistics providers such as Diamond Logistics our software Despatchlab gives you 100% transparency, from goods into our warehouses, to the stock you have on the shelves, to the speed and accuracy of the picks, to the allocation of the appropriate carrier, to the pre alert sent to your customers to the confirmation of final delivery. This 100% transparency gives you comfort that fulfilment is being done at the very highest standard.

Benefits and advantages of utilising a UK 3PL for your UK fulfilment:

Reduced shipping costs and times

By storing your products in a UK fulfilment house, you can save on transportation costs and offer faster and cheaper delivery options to your UK customers. This can also improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Simplified customs procedures

By shipping your products in bulk to a UK fulfilment house, you can avoid the hassle and expense of dealing with customs declarations, duties, and taxes for each individual order. This can also reduce the risk of delays or errors at the border.

Enhanced compliance and quality

Utilising a quality fulfilment partner means that they will be part of the HMRC “Fulfilment and due diligence” scheme so that you know that there will be no hindrance to your UK trade and that you are 100% in compliance with UK law. This can also enhance your brand reputation and trustworthiness.

For a fulfilment partner with all the right qualities. Then speak to Diamond Logistics today to make 2024 one of the most successful UK sales years you’ve ever had.



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