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Enabling West Midlands Business Growth

Growing a family business

Brothers Julian and Richard Westwood took a gamble on West Midlands business growth last year, acquiring a newly built warehouse over four times the size of the previous leased location in Birmingham to provide local businesses with cutting-edge outsourced eCommerce Fulfilment.

Outsourced warehousing and fulfilment the way forwards

Current customers realised that running their warehouse, including all the staffing, premises, costs, technology, and considerable measure of hassle, was considerably more efficient when the team at diamond logistics in Birmingham provided a streamlined outsourcing solution for all their eCommerce Fulfilment.

Experience counts

Whether an online retailer selling B2C or a marketing company supplying promotional goods to global sports teams, Julian, Richard and the team have many years of experience delivering, so, whatever your fulfilment requirements are, Birmingham’s team are well used to supporting them.

Julian Westwood is one of the founding network partners in the diamond network, having been part of the success for around ten years now, so he’s very experienced in creating bespoke solutions to solve just about any eCommerce challenge.

One of the first winners of the diamond environmental award, Julian sees the benefits of the Diamond Logistics network partnership in terms of the comprehensive platform that it provides to be able to offer global standard e-commerce fulfilment solutions yet provide that excellent local service so that every eCommerce Fulfilment customer knows they’re going get a friendly personalised service.

“If you’re looking for eCommerce Fulfilment solutions in Birmingham, there are two options,”

says Julian.

“Your goods can either sit in an anonymous warehouse where you and your goods are an account number in a large database, or you can have an experienced team that lives and works locally that wants to build a proper partner relationship with you and your business. There is a huge difference between supplier and partner, the latter being earned by performance, value and trust”.

“I lead the team operationally on a day-to-day basis, and I like to work in business development, so when I see a potential e-commerce Fulfilment client in Birmingham, I have an opportunity to get to understand their business drivers and create a bespoke eCommerce Fulfilment solution to match the individual needs. “

Rich Westwood handles the network partner growth, splitting his time between Florida and Birmingham.

“I’m bilingual, fluent in American and English, so we truly are an international company!”

he jokes.

Seriously, though, with 25+ years of experience in building B2B brands, he is excited for Birmingham. He wants to create value for local companies with e-commerce logistics support seen as a flexible, custom and scalable virtual warehouse that lets entrepreneurs and owners focus on brand and growth without distraction.

He realises not all customers started with or currently need fulfilment; they leverage same-day, overnight and International collections and deliveries with Diamond vehicles. The huge bank of carrier options available in our system means we’ve got over 15,000 different services we can provide local businesses.

It’s a truly global logistics capability provided by a local team who are, like most Brummies, casual but serious.

So if your company is looking for eCommerce Fulfilment in Birmingham, same-day delivery and overnight and International solutions, then diamond logistics Birmingham is the one to call.

Birmingham eCommerce Fulfilment
Diamond Logistics Birmingham


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