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Buckley & Beale – Giving thanks to the popular American food industry

This month, we spoke to Buckley & Beale about how the Bristol fulfilment and delivery team has helped maintain a high level of customer service for their clients.

What fulfilment and delivery support did they need?

With a significant transformation of the business that was needed to remain profitable, the owners reluctantly shut their store and exclusively focus on the online nature of the business. In order to run their eCommerce business, the American Pantry, the owners needed a reliable and knowledgeable logistics specialist to manage the delivery of their products. They required a service that looked after the entire operation from order fulfilment, warehousing, and delivery. They could not imagine putting all their efforts into the B2C element of their company if they did not have a reliable logistics partner like Diamond. The support and expertise that Diamond has provided has also resulted in the owners launching a second eCommerce business called,, which is a premium brand of organic and CBD teas. 

Adrian Beale, co-founder of Buckley & Beale, had this to say about the partnership,

Working with Diamond is a joy. It’s easy for businesses to claim the age-old cliche that they’ll do something on time, every time, but the team in Bristol are a rare example of a business that actually keeps that promise. We couldn’t wish to work with a better team and would gladly recommend them to anyone. It was clear from the beginning that this was going to be a long-term partnership, as the team in Bristol immediately understood our needs and gave us the confidence that we were in safe hands.” 

What are their plans for 2023?

When asked about what the future holds for Buckley & Beale and the American Pantry, Adrian explained that the companies were recently approached by the education and healthcare sectors in the UK regarding their jackfruit produce. They are also looking to expand their online retail website into the European market, which is a task Diamond look forward to supporting and facilitating.  

If you are looking for some drinks and food inspiration for your parties this Christmas, the American Pantry have some fantastic festive products on offer. Their favourite festive product for this year is their Aspen Mulling Spices which can be added to wine or even mixed with water or juices to add some festive cheer to your beverages.  

About Buckley & Beale

Buckley and Beale specialise in the supply of premium American food products to retailers such as Waitrose and Ocado, wholesalers and food manufacturers in the UK. Initially starting out as a bricks and mortar operation based in Bath, the company import products from small producers within the US market which you will not find on the shelves in the UK. Since the company was established in 2006, the team have spotted some radical trends with the products that have gained popularity amongst UK consumers. Authentic American BBQ sauces quite literally fly off the shelves along with NY deli Pickles, peanut butter, and maple syrup from New England. One product which has gained a high level of notoriety amongst the pantry’s customers is a San Francisco based chocolate company, Guittard. This popular brand makes chocolate chips for cookies and brownies. In 2011, the business saw significant client growth with high-end retailers such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols coming on board. Then in 2020, they launched the American Pantry which is a website that sells American food products direct to the consumer. 

Thank you to Adrian and the team for taking the time to share their inspirational backstory and experiences with us. If you would like to check out the products from the American Pantry, please visit 


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Buckley & Beale

Buckley & Beale

Sector: American Food Products

Reach: National markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, fulfilment and delivery

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Fast and reliable delivery network
  • Experienced fulfilment centres
  • Industry knowledge and connections
  • Excellent customer service

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