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Easee – outsourced fulfilment solutions that keep the EV market moving

Sunny Dhillon, UK Delivery Manager for Easee, shares why he’s delighted the EV Charger start-up partnered with Diamond Logistics for its fulfilment needs.

Easee was established in January 2018 by three Norwegian entrepreneurs and with an idea to create the world’s smartest electric vehicle charger. In 2021, they partnered with Diamond Logistics which manages its UK eCommerce fulfilment operation.

Describe your relationship with Diamond Logistics?

We had a very good relationship from the offset. I actually met them on my second day at the business. We were exploring possibilities of how to manage our growth in the UK. Whether by doing our own warehouse logistics, or doing it with a partner, Diamond was part of the conversation even at that stage.

Why were you searching for a logistics company?

When you’re a new business there are a lot of unknowns. If you do take on the logistics side of it, the warehousing side of it, it is a big investment. Whether it’s staffing, technology, bricks & mortar. Our roadmap was a bit unknown, with volumes. There’s a danger of over-investing.

So we a had discussions with Diamond to see what storage and fulfilment they could provide. They ticked all the boxes to allow us to grow which we really liked.

Why did you choose Diamond Logistics over other providers?

Diamond stood out. We have certain core values at Easee like trust, openness, honesty, and Diamond were hitting those. The way you want to do your business, the way you want to handle your staff and colleagues, so it was a marriage that was very organic.

The integration of our technology systems, the vast amount of space from a nationwide network that could continue to grow. Every box has been ticked so it’s a bit of a no brainer.

What three things stand out to you about Diamond Logistics?

Evolution is big for us and Diamond were happy and ready to evolve with us. They hit a chord. The core values, the communication channels. And I think – this is a personal answer from me – approachability. It’s not a corporate relationship, it’s become very personal. Friendly.

I know the staff that handle the contract on a first name basis and this is key for our success now.

Could you have achieved similar results if you handled your own logistics?

It’s difficult to imagine. One could always speculate. It would have been difficult to scale up the business and scale up a whole entire department at the same time. You could lose focus. With Diamond coming on board, it’s allowed us to focus on our supply chain and getting the product in the country rather than to acquire a warehouse, acquire the technology, acquire the staff…

How has Diamond Logistics adapted and responded to your growth?

It’s become rapid since the turn of the year. Diamond haven’t shied away from anything that we’ve thrown at them, on inbound or outbound, they’ve absorbed it all. There will always be teething problems, but this is education.

They have been a bit surprised, but they’ve coped very well. The various grants kicking in, and legislation being passed means our growth will only continue. And we have a partner who can who can manage that.

Do you feel Diamond looks after your clients?

Yeah, I think there’s an invested interest there. We don’t see them as a partner we see them as an extension of ourselves and we hope it’s the same the other way around. Diamond Logistics are a representation of us.

Who do you think is the right type of client for Diamond Logistics?

I think an open conversation will go a long way. If you don’t hide anything about how you want your business to be fulfilled on the warehousing and logistics side, you need to speak to someone like Diamond.

I remember when the director spoke to us during the onboarding, they said “Sunny, we can make anything work, anything can happen.” And this is verbatim, this what they’re saying. They don’t shy away from any variation of fulfilment. The onboarding process was so easy and they have lived up to their promises.

So what does the future hold for Easee?

Easee have big aspirations. You know, we want to be the biggest EV charging robot provider in Europe within three to five years and hopefully in the world within the next decade. And our technology team in Norway are working furiously, behind the scenes, to make sure our evolution continues.


Easee – EV charging

Sector: Automotive

Reach: National and international markets

Diamond services: logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Enabled business growth
  • Significant cost saving on storage and fulfilment
  • Personal and friendly relationship
  • Ready for any challenge!

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