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Guava & Gold – immerse yourself in the success story of this luxury bath and body brand

This month, we chatted with Clare Price, Founder of Guava & Gold about the benefits of outsourcing their fulfilment operations to Diamond Logistics

Guava & Gold is the luxury passion project of former barrister, Clare Price. Clare worked in the legal sector for 28 years but felt a deep sense of need to express her creative side. Guava & Gold is a luxury bath and body collection inspired by turquoise seas, coral sands, tropical fruits and the heat of the sun. Each product is designed to bring the memory of sun-filled holidays in faraway locations to your bathroom. For Clare, developing Guava & Gold as a brand and producing new products brings with it enjoyment, a sense of renewal and achievement.  

The business was first established four years ago with two parts to the company’s evolution. The first part is the company’s focus on building brand awareness and the customer experience. Marketing a luxury bath and body collection like Guava & Gold can be time consuming but is an important part of their success. They have worked with well-known influencers who have collaborated with Guava & Gold on some high-profile campaigns and have been a source of great support for the indie brand. Guava & Gold is a multi-award-winning business, having been presented the prestigious title of Country & Townhouse Great British Brand.  

The second part to the company’s evolution is their focus on increasing sales and forging new partnerships within global markets. The company recently signed a distributor agreement for an Israeli and Hong Kong/cross-border partnership.  

Managing growth, maintaining standards

So, when you are trying to conquer the world, when do you have time to focus on order fulfilment, inventory management and carrier selection? The answer probably is that you don’t have the time to juggle both. That’s where Diamond Logistics come in. With our logistics experience and tailored services mindset, we were able to support Clare and her team with an end-to-end service which also covered the management of delivery queries, refunds requests, exchanges, or logging and processing warehouse returns. Our dedication service gave Clare peace of mind and allowed her time to focus on developing the growth strategy for the business and nurturing connections with customers.

Clare explains, 

Diamond is a really good logistics partner, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their fulfilment requirements. Everyone there is so nice, cheerful, and helpful. They deal with questions quickly and have willingly made changes to their service to provide added benefit for Guava & Gold. They understand that presentation is important for a luxury brand, so our orders are neatly wrapped in our branded tissue paper and gift boxes, and one of the frequent compliments we get about our customer service is how quickly orders are sent out. I’d sum it up by saying Diamond completely gets that their success is linked to the success of the companies they partner with.

By outsourcing their fulfilment operations to Diamond Logistics, Guava & Gold can focus on running the core part of their business, focus on growth plans and look to building upon their marketing strategy. For Clare specifically, she has more time to focus on creating her amazing luxury products and spends less time worrying about the admin of order fulfilment. 

Lastly, Clare also has some words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs;

Building a business is all about having the right people working with you. Nobody is an expert in everything and, without a fantastic team on board which I have, you can’t give your customers the positive brand experience they deserve when they spend their money with you. If your team isn’t right, be prepared to make changes. And when it is right, do everything you can to hold on to it! And don’t be afraid to say yes to every opportunity which comes along, even if it means then sitting down to work out how to make that opportunity a success.

We would like to thank Clare and her team for sharing their experiences and taking the time to give us an insight into the world of luxury bath and body products. If you would like to know more about Guava & Gold and check out their beautiful products, visit 

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Guava & Gold – bath and body care

Sector: Health and beauty

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Why they chose Diamond:

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