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Couriers – with challenging times ahead, it’s time to review & refresh

At a time when interest rates are up, fuel costs are up, the cost-of-living crisis growing (which will impact consumer spending) and the threat of a recession looming, any logistics business owners are heavily impacted and understandably concerned.

Riding the recession

Established in 1992 as a courier business and expanding into wider delivery and fulfilment services, recessions are nothing new for Diamond. In fact, in the 31 years that we have been running, we have experienced four recession cycles. From the start of the last big one (2009-10) to 2017, Diamond grew by 800%.

As courier companies and delivery service providers, you know you are the barometer of consumer confidence. With the current economic climate, consumer confidence is low. And, when consumers get nervous and courier trade dips.

Sustaining revenue

In times such as these if you want to sustain your revenues, there is a need to diversify. However, diversification works best when new services are aligned to the services you already deliver, and in an industry similar to the one you’re already involved in.

Transforming your business, quickly and simply

This is probably something you have already considered – broadening service to complement your courier service, so what are we offering differently? A Partnership with the foundation for these services already in place that has been designed and developed by fellow courier people. We know the services that complement your existing business, have the people, processes, technology and assets to support your growth rather than you doing this from scratch.

Where time is of the essence, our Network Partnership could be ideal for your delivery business, to make a difference in 2023.

Start planning . . . what are the next steps?

However, if you want to sustain growth in 2023, the time to start planning is now. Why?

  • The Network Partner recruitment process takes between three and six months.
  • We do a lot of the heavy lifting and know what we are doing so this isn’t going to all be down to you.
  • We’ve already sold out of quarter one launches but you still have time to plan for the financial year ahead.
  • Whilst you are coming into your busy season, you should also be sowing seeds for what you want to do when peak finishes in the New Year.

It’s time to book your call to talk about how a Diamond Network Partnership could be the next step into helping your business grow. The opportunity only exists for those who have the foresight to see that in the future they need to expand their service offering to thrive. Places are limited, as are geographies.

With membership of the ever-expanding Diamond family, now is the time to book that call and get plans underway. If you would like to speak to us about this, our Commercial Development Manager, Eve Terry can be contacted on 01483 339607. Alternatively, email Eve at or complete our contact form below. 


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