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Don’t be scammed by the DiamondLogistics. International scam

Don’t be scammed by the DiamondLogistics. International scam

For years now we’ve had various crooks around the world copying our brand and worst of all scamming people with it. At the moment there seems to be people reporting to be from Diamond or diamondlogistics.International that are asking for £150 for the delivery of a consignment and then when the £150 is paid further money is asked for.

Diamond logistics will never ask you for any money to be paid upon delivery.

It’s not a service we run.

Our business been around since 1992 and we collect and deliver thousands of consignments legitimately globally every day.

For over 20 years we’ve been subject to these courier scams and other than reporting them to us, and we will try and get the website down, is very little we can do.

We have a web surveillance company that tries to keep an eye on utilisation of our name and any websites registered but some inevitably fall through through the net and unfortunately people are scammed as a result.

So if you see any reviews that say that diamond has asked for £150 and then has failed to deliver these people have been subject to a well-known courier scam.

You can find lots more about career fraud and career scams, on these fraud websites.

Information and fraud reporting

Delivery scams


As I’ve said the best thing you can do is actually report them.

But if you take consideration the police now receive more complaints for cybercrime then they do for normal crime and have considerably less resources dealing with it.

The likelihood is that your email will have a little impact.

We do all we can to preserve our name but if I tell you our brand name has been copied from Jamaica to Nigeria to Eastern Europe illegitimately and primarily with the purpose of scamming people, you can understand how challenging it is for us to tackle.

If in doubt, do not pay and immediately phone our main headquarters numbers that you can find on our website. A real human being will help you.

Take care. And be wary!


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