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eCommerce Retailers: Are you ready for the Christmas rush?

As the festive season truly swings into action and people get ready to do their Christmas shopping, some careful planning will pay dividends in the weeks ahead.

In 2017, UK retailers are expected to dispatch over 330 million orders in November and December 2017, representing 25% of the full year’s volume. This Christmas rampup, known as “Peak”, leads to every carrier taking on extra staff and running extra runs, but with ecommerce volumes growing at 9% annually, carriers are inevitably pushed to satisfy demand. On top of that, adverse weather conditions can also play their part!

Unlike 2016 when retailers extended their promotions, our 2017 commerce tracking at diamond indicates that the shopping peak is actually shorter this year than last, with more commerce targeted during December. Its a combination of consumer focus on special promotions around Black Friday, and holding out for last minute bargain hunters waiting for the inevitable price reductions the closer we get to Christmas as retailers compete for the even important Christmas expenditure. Luckily our clients, as they outsource their eCommerce fulfilment , can rely on our ability to scale operationally quickly to meet demand – without them having to worry about it. Thats what makes eCommerce fulfilment – or eCommerce fulfillment for our friends in the US – such a good choice for busy retailers. No need to worry about big volumes needing storage and fulfilment – or the sheer volume of pick, pack and despatch – Diamond does all that for you.

By following our central motto ‘Diamond delivers’, you can be reassured we will do just that! Your logistics will be in the best possible place to avoid the challenges that this period throws. 

None the less it can be a busy period. Here’s a few tips to further improve your customer experience to make sure your products reach them in time for the big day.

  • Consider extending your promotion earlier rather than later, to spread out the delivery
  • Packages can and do go astray during this period, so ensure that your customer service contact details are clear and obvious
  • Be completely transparent with your customers about delivery dates, and build yourself some leeway so that you make sure that your parcel arrived by the dates that you promise!
  • The last day for overnight is the 21st, unless you opt for a Saturday delivery.
  • If you use our sameday courier services, diamond can guarantee packages for you on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and even the 25th

At diamond we are focused on delivering your products on time during the holiday season. Contact us and learn about how we can help you.


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