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Frequently asked questions about becoming a Diamond Logistics Network Partner

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Many courier companies, particularly delivery service providers, tend to have one or two major clients. This can be a vulnerable position for a business if that client goes bust or changes provider.

Other couriers only concentrate on a same day service. This may be because they do not have access to the carrier accounts, technology and infrastructure to expand into next day, international and fulfilment services.

Adding diversification of clients and services creates stability, reduces vulnerability, and increases the saleability and value of your business. Diversifying from same day services will also level out seasonality, as next day, international and eCommerce fulfilment all having different focus points. This can provide a revenue boost that is also more constant and set you up with the tools to match your aspirations for growth through sales.

Finally, adding more services will future proof your business. It can prevent your business from obsolescence with new emerging technologies, such as drones, and allow you to thrive by adapting to market changes, for example, the continuing rise of eCommerce. It also mitigates against the risk of substantial changes in the status of self-employed drivers, the impact of which will decrease profit in this element of your business.

There are a number of areas you can expand upon and move into. With a fleet of vans in place and premises, adding next day and international parcels is a good next step. You can also expand your same day services with a mix of local and national contracts. There is also the growing market of eCommerce storage fulfilment and a selection of other bespoke solutions, like outsourced warehousing distribution.

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Our 30+ years’ of experience means we have developed a proven formula that enables you to scale your logistics business through innovative client focused solutions. We teach you about the services and how to sell them, and provide the accompanying sales literature and process to boot.

The key to all of this is Despatchlab – our one-stop logistics platform. We have invested heavily in our technological solution, uniting operational and admin processes both managing and optimising your operations.

Finally, our group buying power means we have negotiated the best deals with our carefully selected carrier partners. Through our proven sales methodology and depth of support, you can scale and evolve a robust, future proof business.

The initial licence fee is just £15,000 + VAT, which secures your exclusive geographical territory for up to 10 years. In addition, you will need to secure a trading premises in the form of a warehouse upwards of 5,000 sqft.

You may also need to think about what resources you will need across your business functions to create the foundations for consistent growth.

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Each of our network partners receive the absolute best of our inhouse training, which covers 12 key business modules, from sales through to operations, and everything in-between.

Following the opening of your service centre, you will be supported and coached throughout your business journey. This will include technical, finance, marketing, sales, business planning and much more. You really will be a firm part of the diamond family, which means you will not be running your independent business in isolation.

We promote collaboration across our entire network of likeminded business owners. To enable you to become successful in your sales efforts, you can even take advantage of our enhanced sales support, to include appointment booking.

It really is up to you. Activity equals results and, as such, the more work you put in, the bigger the reward.

Following our proven methodology, which has been developed through many years of experience, you can achieve sales revenues in excess £1m within the first three years, with a gross margin of 50%+.

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There are many different reasons to become a Network Partner:

    • You feel like you need help taking control of your business
    • You want to learn from a business with industry experience
    • You need a technological solution to drive efficiency and create a foundation for scale
    • You are in a niche area of the industry and want to offer more solutions to local business
    • Your local business cannot drive the buying power you need to compete
    • Your business is not reaching the right audience through your own brand and marketing efforts locally
    • You cannot offer local businesses all the services they need

If this is your situation, a Diamond partnership can support you to get all the above and more.

Want to find out more? Call us on 0333 567 5888. 

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