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Fulfillment Customer service focus: Delivery Documentary Impact

A television documentary allegedly highlighting the potential unacceptable practices by a UK parcel carrier network is to be aired.


Dispatches has obtained undercover footage allegedly highlighting unacceptable practices within Yodel, a major UK parcel carrier network and the show will be broadcast at 8pm tonight (Monday 1st February) on Channel 4. Its not necessarily a completely fair portrayal of service provider that proved great value for money.

As a key partner within the Diamond Logistics network, Yodel has provided Diamond Logistics with a growing range of competitive products and services targeted to the B2C and B2B market-place.

Through our nationwide network partner programme, Diamond Logistics strengthens this relationship through dedicated customer service teams who are able to deliver excellent customer service and mitigate any further disruption.

Chief Operations Officer, Diamond Logistics, Daniel Allin said:

“As a third-party logistics provider (3PL) Diamond Logistics has access to a variety of different network partners including Yodel, allowing greater flexibility and reduced risk across the UK parcel sector. Every carrier has its ups and its downs and I think it is possible for documentaries such as this one to portray a carrier in a poor light unfairly, but highlighting a tiny minority of failings win a huge delivery operation.

However, here at Diamond, we add an extra level of safeguarding to ensure, if there is a customer service issues by pro-actively seeking resolution to any delivery issues – solving 99% of issues before they become a matter for our clients.

For our Fulfilment clients this is part of our Fulfilment Customer Service. With our warehouse fulfilment in our product fulfilment warehouse including pick and pack, it vital that we maximise end delivery performance to ensure our clients customers are satisfied.

In addition all of our depots are locally owned and managed allowing our clients to benefit from exceptional client customer service.


Ahead of the documentary, Dick Stead, Executive Chairman of Yodel said:

“We handle over 155 million parcels every year and the vast majority of these are delivered successfully thanks to our committed and valued people. Clearly there are still improvements to be made and we will accelerate activities which have already seen our customer satisfaction score increase from a disappointing 35% two years ago to over 80% today, which is among the best in the industry.”


For further information about Diamond Logistics and to find out how your business can benefit from competitive network rates and exceptional client customer service through nationwide network providers such as Yodel, contact Diamond Logistics on 01483 536888 or 



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