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What makes an eCommerce fulfilment company good

What makes a good fulfilment house?

And why lots of eCommerce fulfilment companies really are a bit rubbish.

I’ve been working in Logistics for 31 years and I know plenty of people who say they run fulfilment houses when actually what they really mean is that they’ve got a shed attached to the grotty courier office and they run a storage spreadsheet on Excel. This is not what eCommerce fulfilment is all about.

A true eCommerce solution

If you are a modern eCommerce entrepreneur and you’re looking for a solution to support your eCommerce fulfilment. Diamond can support the storage, pick and pack, despatch of your products, as well as the seamless integration with multiple carriers and market places. We are the best fulfilment house that can provide your business with premium storage space and the advanced technology that will support your every need.

It’s all about the tech

Kate Lester, Diamond Logistics CEO, had this to say about their investment in smart fulfilment technology;

“Dan and I have worked in technology over the years, which is why we were able to link pragmatic logistics with the technological solutions that the modern eCommerce entrepreneur needs. When you’re talking about integrating with over 30 carrier partners and 40 marketplaces giving our clients over 15,000 different delivery permutations, then that takes a complexity of system that quite frankly one man and his shed are not going to be able to provide you with.”

Kate continuous with a discussion on the size of fulfilment house your business should work with;

“But the challenge there is if you go to one of these large, homogenous, eCommerce fulfilment sites where your goods are a mere box in hundreds of thousands of square feet, as a SME entrepreneur how do you know that your settlement house is built in care factor? Well frankly you can’t. If you’re going to one of the behemoths in the fulfilment space then your goods will be anonymous. You aren’t big enough for anyone to care enough. It’s a fact.”

This is where a team such as Diamond come in. Although we have a network of partners – which supported the multi million pound investment in our own one-stop logistics management platform despatchlab – all our network partners service centres are owned and run by network partners who really care about your happiness because quite frankly, their mortgage payment depends on it.

Great client service

Recently one of our partners had an upturn in Sales that was a thousandfold (yes that’s right 1,000 fold!) over the bank holiday weekend for one of their eCommerce clients. They rallied friends, family and every resource they could get their hands on in order to make sure that our clients customers would get their deliveries on time. Now that is great client service.

Marketplaces and integrations

Even more importantly, this client was working over multiple platforms, which included their own Shopify website, TikTok shop, Instagram shop, and Amazon marketplace. As they are advertising and selling their products on multiple marketplaces, they needed to synchronise their stock inventory, integrate with multiple marketplace, and despatch their goods nationwide and internationally. They needed a variety of delivery permutations which meant they required a complex multi-carrier solution. Diamond can facilitate this too!

Now, Joe Bloggs with his dusty warehouse, running a so-called eCommerce Fulfilment solution with a printed out excel spreadsheet, and a manual inputting of jobs into some carrier portal simply isn’t going to be able to deal with the accuracy, speed of innovation, multiple marketplace integration required for modern business.

Logistics expertise

The majority of eCommerce entrepreneurs need to move fast and need their logistics partners to keep up the pace with them. Diamond Logistics may have over 30 years experience, but we twin expertise and innovation so not only do we provide you with the technology, we provide you with the logistics expertise to deliver. That delivered with local personalised client care is our USP. There is literally nothing like it in the UK.

If you want the very best technology, fulfilment and delivery service and customer care, then Diamond Logistics really is the third party logistics partner for you. For more information, complete the online form below and a representative will be in touch. Or alternatively, call 0333 567 5888 or email


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