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Helpful tips to starting an eBay Business


Whenever you do something new it best to learn about it first before plunging in! 

Check out our top tips on starting your own eBay business…

Make your listing awesome

Use engaging titles and accurate descriptions, noting eBay’s advice to use all 80 characters in its template.  All Caps is a big no-no, spell check, list the brand name if relevant.  And describe the items condition.  And make sure you display high quality photographs of the actual item.

What to sell?

If you are going pro – check out the hottest eBay items which tend to be vehicles, electronics gear and clothes.  No point specialising in items that just don’t sell.   Apparently women’s clothes is a particularly speedy shifter – with a pair of shoes sold every 5 seconds!

Figure out delivery issues

Courier, carrier or buyer collect – but make sure you have your options covered before your item goes on sale.

The price it right

Comparing other like products selling on eBay to find your price point is essential.  As John Ruskin said (and I am TOTALLY paraphrasing here) – It’s wise to pay too much for something, but it’s also unwise to pay to little. You under price and you’ll lose margin and look dodgy – you over price and it just won’t sell.

eBay actually has a mobile app which suggest a starting price based on similar items.

If you want to let the market determine the price, list it auction-style. Try “Buy It Now” price if you are confident about the product’s value and want to sell it quickly. eBay says set your “Buy It Now” price at least 10% higher than the starting auction price. Another option on the eBay site: Set a reserve price, so don’t have to sell unless you reach the minimum price you’ll accept.

The money, honey

Sellers should offer electronic payment or credit card option. eBay recommends its PayPal service.

Personal checks, cashier’s checks, bank-to-bank transfers, or money orders aren’t allowed for most eBay purchases — other than for things like “adult only” (ooh eerr) items and cars etc. and, of course, make sure you get paid before your dispatch you goods.

Pick, pack and despatch

Now that you’ve sold your stuff, don’t let the great job you have done up to now go to waste  by taking short cuts at the important bit – the fulfilment. 

Pack it well, using a robust box. Buy plenty of bubble wrap. Tape securely. Label clearly and make sure you get address 100% accurate with postcode.  And make sure your client knows when its due to arrive.

Track and trace means you know and your customer know where the goods are which is reassuring for all concerned. You can always upgrade you deliveries to include insurance (which you client can cover if required) if you want to be super sure. And fulfil your orders promptly. Speed and quality, of service and of product, is the essence to building your eBay empire. 

Build your reputation

Do what you say you are going to do, consider free courier to repeat business or up sell, drop in contact cards, remember loyalty, and subscribe them to a fun an informative newsletter, and say thanks.  Just do stuff to make yourself stand out from the crowd and become more memorable.

When things go wrong

Fix it. Bad reputation spread like wildfire. Don’t niggle – think of life time value of client and reputation FIRST before debating the odds with a client.

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