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Key Tips for True Online Success – Diamond Logistics

The online retail world is becoming a dog eat dog world, so staying ahead of the game is fundamental to the success of your online business. The great news is, we know the secrets of some of the most successful players in the market and can share these tips with you.   Many businesses see logistics as being a necessary evil when promoting their businesses online, when in fact it can have a huge effect on whether people come back for more, or even buy the first time round.

1. Navigation and Functionality

Convenience is the single biggest force behind people buying online. Your website is your virtual shop window and as with any good shop window, it should be uncluttered and have great visuals to display your products in the very best possible way.  This includes making sure your shop window is transferable to both mobile and tablet viewing

2. Delivery Options

Consumers want choice as to when and where their purchases get delivered.  Most online retailers keep it simple and offer a flat delivery structure.

Did you know…

  • 3% of online shoppers want a same day delivery.
  • 28% of online consumers actually prefer the ‘leave safe’ option.

The express parcel sector has some great innovative delivery solutions available to you now.  Why not offer more of these to your clients?

3. Hybrid Funding Models

Venturing into online retail can be a challenge, especially at start-up phase, but the super successful retailers are using a creative mix of financing models to fund and grow their online business.  Drop shipping or outsourced warehousing can vastly reduce operating costs. Imagine never having to handle your physical product, whilst maximising your valuable time in promoting those products. Diamond Logistics has fulfilment centres all across the UK, meaning you are never too far away from your product, without having to handle it.

4. Value Added Marketing

Dependent upon what you sell, why not look at value-add sections to your website such as subscription services, pre-orders or top selling item sections.  Subscription services are a great way to keep consumers engaged but way of monthly product samples or gifts, which will lead to ongoing sales.

Engaging marketing can come from the strangest places, places that you may not have been given access to in the past. How about sending information about offers, top selling products or other products that a captive audience may well be interested in?

Diamond Logistics offer a fully customisable pre-despatch notification email option to all it’s clients. An email notification that gives you the power to embed images, coupons or web links whilst keeping the audience engaged through tracking information.

5. Easy Returns

Having a bad return experience can create a block to repeat orders. Offering a clear, easy and even generous returns policy can transform a negative into a positive and keep your customers coming back for more.

Most consumers actually expect the retailer to pay for returns, unless they have bought multiple items with the intention of returning one.

If you need a courier who can help you with your online delivery options, then please get in touch.



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