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Local eCommerce fulfilment

What does local eCommerce fulfilment look like for your business

And why is local eCommerce fulfilment important?

It’s personal

Our typical clients are either owner led and managed or at least entrepreneurially led – so their business is important to them. The last thing they want is their products lost in some giant, anonymous warehouse where they can’t even lay eyes on them. They desire a team that treats their business victories as their own. Here at Diamond – with each and every site being owner managed and led by our Network Partners who are fully engaged with making sure we deliver for you. After all, our future success depends on yours – so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. So, if you need a favour at 5pm on a Friday evening, then a personal call to your local eCommerce Fulfilment centre at Diamond can get that order out. It’s all about that personal, local touch.

It’s scalable and reactive

We build a long lasting relationship with our clients as their third party logistics partner – often scaling businesses in a way that would be impossible for the individual to do alone. For example – during Covid when retail premises were shut we kept our clients going with direct to consumer sales. When a major sale hits and our clients need to handle 500 deliveries daily instead of their usual 10, we’re there to support them with additional resources.

It’s flexible

Need bespoke packaging? Need special inserts for a specific promotion? Need to add a whistle and bow for a one off campaign? We’ve got it covered. Local eCommerce fulfilment is flexible and adaptable to each clients needs.

We listen and evolve

At Diamond Logistics, we value open communication and continuous improvement. We believe in maintaining a feedback loop for both our technology and services to ensure we can better serve our clients’ needs. While we may not be able to cater to every need all the time, we take pride in successfully meeting about 90% of our clients’ requirements consistently by actively listening and evolving. Our journey involves incorporating changes to our system, Despatchlab, based on the inputs and insights shared by our clients. This commitment to evolution involves investments on our part, but it’s a step that helps us grow and refine our offerings. We understand that if a group of clients requires a specific feature, it’s likely to benefit others too. So, we strive to adapt wherever possible to ensure our solutions remain relevant and effective. And in cases where we can’t accommodate a particular need directly, we’re upfront and resourceful in finding workable solutions. Your feedback guides us, and we’re here to make your experience even better.

We’re invested

At Diamond Logistics, every one of our sites thrives on providing top-notch local eCommerce fulfilment services for you. Your satisfaction and continued partnership contribute directly to their success while fostering your business growth. There’s an unmatched level of commitment when it comes to owner-managed businesses ensuring quality service and delivery. Here, you won’t find underpaid employees of a massive warehouse mishandling your packages. Instead, you’re met with a dedicated local team driven to exceed your expectations. This cycle of growth is what we cherish – you prosper, they prosper, and collectively, we flourish. It’s an embodiment of our core value, Shared Success, where mutually beneficial relationships take centre stage.

Global standard logistics

You want all the above BUT you still need the thousands of services that Diamond can provide twinned with the technology to power your business. That what this network brings you. Local fulfilment and delivery companies enabled by great technology and services so you can delivery practically anything, anywhere, anytime. Alcohol to Antwerp, toys to Torquay or electric chargers to Edinburgh – we have a service to match – with 100% transparency of the whole process.

If you are building a brand and want a warehouse down the road, that you can outsource your eCommerce fulfilment to then give Diamond shout today. We look forward to working with you.

Diamond is the only UK network of over 30 local eCommerce fulfilment centres around the UK.

We have sites in:

  • Bicester
  • Birmingham
  • Bolton
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Colchester
  • Croydon
  • Dudley
  • Eastbourne
  • Edinburgh
  • Guildford
  • Harrow
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Lincoln
  • Luton
  • Mid Wales (Shrewsbury)
  • Milton Keynes
  • Northampton
  • Peterborough
  • Plymouth
  • South East London
  • South Wales
  • Twickenham / Slough
  • Walsall
  • Weybridge
  • York and Harrogate

With sites launching here in the next 2 months:

• Coventry
• Carlisle
• Maidstone
• Manchester North
• Swansea
• Newcastle

And we have plans for over 30 launches next year too – so if we aren’t right on your doorstep now we will be by next year.


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