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Mervyn King doesn’t know what he’s talking about…


Mervyn King made me shout at the radio…

We don’t tend to get too political here at diamond but enough is enough. Our CEO Kate found her self actually shouting at the radio a couple of weeks ago when Mervyn King said that he didn’t believe that the British economy was being hurt at all by the Brexit negotiations nor would Brexit be harmful to business.

So a message from our CEO;

‘Lord King of Lothbury  – I guess you don’t have any small business experience of late and I guess from your lofty towers it’s kinda difficult getting the real world in perspective but we can tell you here in the industry that is the barometer of all others that Brexit is impacting in a big way.

Now here at diamond we are lucky in that:

  1. a) We saw it coming
  2. b) We have added additional product lines to ensure a continuation of business progress
  3. c) We continue with our same business strategy albeit focusing on domestic until a decision is being made

However, for the rest of British industry per see if; the bank managers are saying business is being affected, the retail and casual dining sector is being annihilated (and not just from online sales or M and S’s meals for 2), if all discretionary spend is on hold – cars, house purchases, meals out, if salary pressure is DOWNWARDS by up to 25% than HOW CAN YOU SAY BUSINESS IS NOT BEING AFFECTED?

A bit of good news for European retailers wanting a safeguard/foothold in the UK – we have fulfilment facilities here ready to help you regardless of what the outcome is, backed by our tech fulfilment and logistics platform, despatchlab. And rest assured, here at diamond, in our heart we’ll always be European.

Before this launches a pro IN or OUT vote debate – it is not the decision that is killing business. For the record, by a slim majority I voted IN….and do not subscribe to the notion that out voters opinions are misinformed as I believe there is considered, educated validity in either stance. It is the uncertainty and the political wrangling and our inability to progress that is killing growth. It is stopping recruitment, investment, young peoples futures, delaying plans.

So this is a call for the politicians to unite and simply get on with delivering an outcome. Come what may we will survive this – but in order to thrive we need to know. In or out. Just bloody well decide.’



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