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Message To Directors Who Deliver

Our job as Directors or owners of our businesses can be a handful, can’t it?

It’s either HR, or HSE or HMRC all those things are utter TIME VAMPIRES. Sucking the time out of your day when all we really all we want to do is to concentrate on getting and keeping customers.

So the last thing you need is another thing to add to your Task List, right?

Like choosing the right courier. I mean you have a Despatch Manager or Warehouse guy for that for you, yes?

But and this should be a big BUT……………

If your courier is not a true asset to your business then all the STUFF you do until the point of despatch to your client is WASTED. Because 78% of businesses who lost business after the point of sale, or whose clients refused to buy again said it was due to the poor delivery.

You’ve spent all this money…. Researching your market……. Selling your goods……….

And then the courier mucks up…..and that’s it. Client lost forever.

All the above, all that’s cost you in time, money and effort. WASTED.

Oh and your despatch guy has much less interest in changing your courier. He’ll endure the carriers, he thinks we are all the same, maybe he’s even frightened of change or sometimes simply can’t be bothered.

There is much less motivation for him to choose the best quality, least cost option.

I have spent 23 years in this industry beating my head against the warehouse doors trying to get people to see there is another way. We’ve clearly had some success otherwise Diamond would not have been serving Surrey business for the last 23 years, nor have 23 other sites around the UK now, but it was only in the last 2 years I stopped trying to persuade employees, and started to speak to the Financial Directors and Managing Directors.

I could never understood why it wasn’t so bleeding obvious to these despatch guys that Diamond offered them such an ace alternative.

It was only when we won recent account when something clicked. Big account, been trying for years to land it. But had enormous resistance from the despatch team there. It was their Financial Director who called us in and said – PLEASE SORT THIS OUT. 26 suppliers, pricing all over the place, 8 people in despatch and no way of assessing logistics cost in a timely enough manner (as it was very mixed freight profile )to be able to cross charge their clients.

We saved them 10-15% on their headline costs – not by compromising quality as their goods are very time sensitive – but by choosing the appropriate carriers.
They have reduced their headcount in despatch to 5, and accounts for the first time can now cross invoice despatch cost because of our speedy reporting so logistics is now a NIL cost to the business.

The Financial Director looks like a genius. The new streamlined despatch department is effective and, importantly, really HAPPY.

And most importantly because they used our Multi Carrier Solution and used Citylink – as one of 5 carriers we selected for them, when they went down on Xmas day we simply switched them INSTANTANEOUSLY to another of our providers. They didn’t lose a single one day in service. A brilliant bit of contingency planning to boot.

A company whose deliveries are VERY IMPORTANT to them truly LIBERATED. By one directors strategic decision to review their logistics providers.

It’s about you, you products and how we can help you reach more customers and market, maintaining the best client relations with your clients and get them coming back for more.

And that helps you make bigger profits.

We do everything from post to pallet, same day overnight and international. We are both local – i.e. all our depots are managed by their owners – yet our national infrastructure gives your business the group buying power and corporate account status which means our clients get competitive pricing and super service.

It’s a quality level other couriers and carriers just don’t have. The best of both worlds.

I know you are really busy, and you may be thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – but changing courier is not like changing banks. It’s considerably LESS painful!

So why should you. Because keeping your clients is important. Making profits is important. Finding business supply partners who help your business grow is important. Having contingency plans in place are important.

And now it the time to do it. The economy is recovering, business is growing and you want to forge these new partnerships now. Plus here at Diamond we don’t take on infinite capacity.

We select our business partners carefully, to maintain our personalised quality of service. Therefore we don’t have capacity for any old business. Just the really great ones. Maybe just like yours? People like Rolls Royce and John Lewis rely on Diamond so we recruit our new clients with care.

Are you our kind of client? Can we help you fulfil your businesses potential? If you think you are, then get in touch today.

You can catch me at or check out for details of the rest of our network.

I will really look forward to helping your business grow.

Thanks for watching.


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