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Network Partnerships: Success in Norwich

Diamond-Logistics-Norwich-300x200Diamond Logistics caught up with existing eBay Powersellers and recently turned Diamond Logistics Network Partners Tom and Michael Bezance and Chris Wilson from True Traders in Norwich to see how they are getting on.

Why logistics?

True Traders, the parent company of Diamond Logistics Norwich, had experienced the good and bad side of the logistics industry from a customer perspective. Diamond Logistics Norwich approached True Traders and we entered into a partnership that revolutionised how we worked. We were able to realise how distributing products in an efficient and cost effective manner can be the deciding factor in beating competitors to new customers.

Why did you choose Diamond?

Given how Diamond Logistics had changed the way we work, we could see the potential within the company to benefit a huge number of businesses in Norfolk. Diamond’s multi-carrier solution was a saviour for True Traders last Christmas with the issues and accompanying delays couriers were facing. So, once the network partnership opportunity presented itself to us, it was a very easy decision to make.

What can you offer businesses in Norwich?

We can offer a unique perspective on logistics, as we have the experience of being the customer as well as being the provider. We can give advice based on both of these viewpoints, which is of great benefit.

What have you learned since joining the network?

A huge amount! As our background wasn’t originally logistics, we have come to understand just how complicated the industry is. This can be very intimidating for businesses that do not have an in-house expert, so that is something we aim to help with.

What are your goals for 2015?

Diamond Logistics is still relatively unknown in the area, so we will be changing that. Chris will be visiting a lot of businesses over the next few months meeting people and spreading word of how we can be of benefit. Then the Christmas rush kicks off!

Are you a logistics professional interested in a network partnership opportunity and looking for a new challenge in the logistics industry? Find out about our Diamond Network Partnerships here.


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