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Same Day Delivery

Your same day delivery questions answered

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A same day courier service is for very urgent or high value goods moved in dedicated vehicles from collection point to delivery point. The service gives you increased control, enhanced liability cover (usually up to £15,000 per load) and a faster delivery experience.

We provide a dedicated vehicle, limited to only two or three drops on the way, getting your package to its final destination ASAP. This allows for a huge amount of control as only one set of hands will handle your goods on route. As a result, there’s far less margin for error.

If you are in two minds about using same day, a good way to know is if the cost of the goods not arriving far outweighs the cost of the delivery, then you need same day courier. So, if you’ve got something which is urgent, important, fragile, or high value, then we would recommend you use a same day courier.

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Primarily yes, but this is dependent on the nature of the delivery. Remember ‘same day’ is industry lingo meaning one set of hands on your delivery, which reduces risk and optimises delivery performance.

Same day can certainly can mean that it reaches the destination on the same day, but this will depend on the time the booking was made and how far is going. After all, we pick up dedicated courier consignments to go all over Europe, so if a ‘same day to Southern Italy’ is booked, it’s likely it will arrive in 48 hours or so. This service is still dedicated and looked after by one person and should only take as long as the time to drive from collection to delivery.

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Same day couriering is vehicle specific, meaning, to make your delivery as cost-effective as possible, you should select the size of vehicle suitable for the consignment. This can range from a small van up to an articulated lorry depending on what you need delivered.

The rule of thumb to ensure availability is the bigger the vehicle you require, the more notice you need to give. So, if the consignment is smaller and will only require a van, then you can order and have your goods collected within the hour. If a larger vehicle is needed for a same day service, giving us a little more notice will enable us to organise the most suitable vehicle on time.

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The beauty of our same day courier service is that you can get a courier 24 hours a day, subject to your service level agreement with your local service centre. If you need a reliable and dedicated courier 24/7/365, then we recommend you open an account with us.

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Same day can actually be cheaper than next day delivery through carriers. This is because local deliveries are made by local couriers, making them more efficient. The most important thing to do is to evaluate the cost of the same day courier against the cost of the goods not arriving. If the cost of the goods not arriving is MORE than the cost of the delivery then it’s a sound financial choice

In terms of pricing, think broadly in terms of a mileage charge from around £1.50 a mile (dependant on vehicle size) plus minimum drop, congestion and tolls.

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Not necessarily. We can take credit card bookings, but an account has its advantages in better rates, preferential booking at times of peak demand and access to our out of hours service guarantee.

If you’ve got a regular same day courier requirement then having an account will prove cost effective. Diamond account customers will get priority, especially during busy times. So, if you want to make sure you get the very best service at the very best price, we advise you set up an account.

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Yes, you can via Despatchlab – our one stop logistics platform. Despatchlab will allow you to track goods in our warehouse and on the road, giving you up to date information on the transit time of your courier and the ETA of an international delivery.

The only exclusions for this are for carriers outside of the technology of our API integration. This may include some pallet carriers and haulage that haven’t quite got with the technology evolution. For these providers we will contact by phone and manually update Despatchlab with any updates or proofs of delivery.

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Diamond stands out from the crowd through our ownership, people, culture and technology.

We have over 30 years’ experience, launching in 1992, and through that time we have ensured that thousands of consignments have safely reached their destination. From our HQ to our network around the UK, all sites are owner managed, and that built in dedication and care means the quality of service is second to none.

The team and our couriers are CRB checked and trained to the highest standards. We work with professionals with many years’ experience, so you can be reassured that our couriers have the skills to handle any consignment and problem solve on the go.

Our culture focuses on shared success and mutually beneficial partnerships. We build trusted relationships with all of our network partners and work only with those who are looking to provide excellence across the board.

We use technology to enhance our service and have designed our one stop logistics platform, Despatchlab, to provide an easy to use and transparent tracking system. This technology unites our partners with your goods, so you know exactly where your consignments are 24 hours a day.

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We work with all sorts of business in different industries, but what joins them together is a need for a reliable delivery service with excellent customer service. For this reason, we continue to deliver for the NHS, F1 racing teams, solicitors, printers and healthcare providers.

If you run a business and are looking to work with a responsible courier with 100% supply chain transparency and a focus on delivering with the minimal ecological impact, diamond is for you.

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