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Sort out NEW Fulfilment Suppliers for 2020

Nightmare Before Christmas 2019How’s Christmas going for you E-tailers?  We’ve had a few frantic calls from online retailers just today, who despite a very short season are finding this Christmas a nightmare……and we are lining them up to on-board them in the New Year. 

And most of them said the same thing. They started an online business wanting a better lifestyle and before they knew it they were facing a tsunami of orders, the queries from clients chasing the carriers were mounting and they were running behind doing to important stuff in their business – like staying on top of your marketing and sourcing new products. It was time to outsource.

diamond specialise in scaling up businesses and on line businesses. Businesses like Books That Matter, Revair and Epic Stuff have scaled up their sales safe in the knowledge that their entire warehousing, fulfilment and deliveries can be handled reliably by personable local suppliers.

You can very easily outsource to a reliable local fulfilment centre; with over 25 sites signed up now around the UK you can effectively have a local warehouse – where you can go see and touch your stock, as well as build a relationship with a great team – yet not have any of the challenges associated with running your own warehouse. And we even do the customer service, chasing the carriers for you.

So for next year to ensure you can look forward to your booming sales, without freaking out about capacity or ability to cope, and actually have a Merry Christmas. Get in touch with diamondlogistics or search here for your nearest local service centre.

diamondlogistics – building your online business with our one stop fulfilment and logistics solutions. For more information about diamond’s fulfilment solution please watch this video.


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