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The Logistics Partner for start-ups

An eCommerce entrepreneur and founder of subscription business, Takk, Pinar Akiskalioglu, shares why she thinks Diamond Logistics is number one when it comes to scaling start-ups.

Tell us about the business?

TAKK is a personal care subscription service which delivers everyday essential products. It’s a new way of getting what you need when you need it.

When did you start working with Diamond Logistics?

We’ve been working with Diamond Logistics from day zero before we even started our business because we knew our core business was not logistics but that good logistics would be key to our success. Instead we focused on what we knew best, which is product innovation and winning new customers.

We also wanted a company which shared our values, which Diamond Logistics do.

Why did you choose to work with Diamond Logistics?

We wanted to partner with a professional service provider with technical capability so we met with several logistics providers. From the very first meeting we knew that Diamond  which shared our values and vision for the future was the partner for us.

How does Diamond contribute to your success?

First of all, we never have to worry about the logistics part of our service. This gives us peace of mind and that’s really important. The Diamond team is always available which is key for a small business like ours. If there’s a problem with a delivery, or processes are disrupted due to the pandemic for example, Diamond do their best to support us. It has the spirit of a small company which is always there for you, but the professionalism and structures of a larger business.

How has Diamond supported your growth?

Diamond has helped us scale our business. At the beginning we were only selling in the UK and now we are selling our products to Turkey and the USA too. Diamond has been supporting our international expansion.

Diamond really helped us understand what the future might look like. Keeping your current customers happy is number one for growth.

We’ve also been expanding our portfolio of products which are integrated into the system pretty quickly.

What challenges would you have faced without a logistics partner?

Alone we would not have been ready to grow at the pace we have. If you get the chance to grow quickly, your logistics should not be a concern. I’m sure many start-ups share this feeling.

If you have a sudden peak – for example our company has 1,000s of samples being prepared to be delivered within days because of a strict timeline – and you don’t have professional support in these kinds of critical moments, then you won’t be able to use those opportunities.

Who is Diamond Logistics the ideal partner for?

People that understand logistics can be complex. If you appreciate values, team spirit and lots of contact, they’re the partner for you.

Would you recommend Diamond Logistics?

Absolutely. For start-ups, CEOs, founders. Diamond is number one.

Check out our eCommerce fulfilment page for more info. To speak to Diamond’s fulfilment team today, call 0333 567 5888, email or complete the below Contact form:


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