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What is a same day courier?

Same Day Couriers

A Same Day courier is a group term used in logistics ‘lingo’ that really means a dedicated vehicle for you to use as you wish.

It can be collected when you wish, when you want it, and the full journey, from the moment you hand it over, to the moment the parcel reaches its destination, will be handled by the same driver. The goods will remain on the same vehicle, meaning there is very little margin for error due to the minimal risk involved along the journey.

The Benefits of same day delivery

Delivery that suits your needs

A Same Day Delivery courier will collect your goods and deliver to your specification, normally direct.

It can be ordered for collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This gives you lots of flexibility in terms of ordering the vehicle when you need it.

The world of eCommerce is fast-paced, so by using a Same Day service such as the one offered by Diamond Logistics, you are able to stay on top of any unexpected special orders.

What you get with this service is flexibility of collection and delivery time, place and vehicle – and it’s always delivered direct. Same Day delivery is effectively a chauffeur service for your very important parcels or consignments.

Choose the right vehicle for you

Picking a Same Day courier also allows you to pick the best vehicle for you. Choose your preferred mode of transport and fill it up as much or as little as you wish.

From long-wheel based Transits to small vans, there is always a same day vehicle to suit the most diverse requirements.

Alter the size of the vehicle to suit your needs and make sure you are always getting your items where they need to be in the quickest and most low-cost times.

Got a small delivery that is under a high-pressure time constraint? Then choose a small van that can get it there in no time.

Looking to make a larger delivery of big parts that are far too large for a van? Why not choose an articulated lorry and get all of your items moved in one go.

The rule of thumb to maximise availability is the bigger the vehicle you need, the more notice to give.

So, if it’s just a small van that you need, or even an LWBTV (long wheel-based transit van), then you can order and get your goods collected within the hour.

Choosing to use a larger vehicle can take longer though. If a larger vehicle is needed, there is a much better probability of us being able to fulfil your requirements if you give us a bit of notice.

Track your deliveries

The great thing about a Same Day courier at Diamond Logistics is that you can also book and track your live consignment via Despatchlab.

Interestingly, as a Same Day service is often very important and urgent, many of our clients book over the phone.

If you do book over the phone, we’ll input all details of the delivery onto Despatchlab where we can do all the driver management on there. This gives you complete transparency and allows you to see when your job has been allocated, when it has been collected, and, most importantly, when it has been delivered.
All deliveries come with digital proof of delivery that you will receive immediately after the product has been dropped off at its destination.


For urgent and special deliveries, using a Same Day courier is always a good choice.

It provides a safe way of getting your product where it needs to be, with minimal chance of error and clear tracking throughout.

Same Day delivery isn’t easy, but with a large fleet of drivers spread across the country ready to provide a same day service for you, Diamond Logistics are here to help.
If you’d like to discuss your Same Day courier requirements, then get in touch today at, call 0333 567 588 or complete the below Contact form.
For more information on what Diamond Logistics can offer you, visit our full Same Day FAQs page.



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