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What smart companies will do after the Brexit vote

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the face of the Brexit vote – but here are a few things that you need to know.

Firstly it is likely Article 50 won’t be invoked until January 2017 – and after that it will be a full TWO YEARS working out the terms of our deal. Our probable exit will be Jan 2019 earliest.

Secondly, and most importantly in terms of trade and the free trade area for Europe – i.e. free from taxes and onerous export and import information – expect no change. There were agreements in place long before the EU and they will remain long after so no change here. There is no motivation for the rest of the EU to withdraw this – the UK is a very important purchase of EU Goods, as well as the EU being a valuable market for ours – so free trade will remain.

And the uncertainty to a degree has actually been removed. We know what we are doing here in the UK – unlike the rest of Europe now.

Unlike the rest of Europe.

The discontent at the EU, which needs to be acknowledged even by the pro-remains such as myself – is having a cascade effect throughout Europe. This ‘contamination’ leaves the other 27 states in the EU in the perilously pre-vote space. Referendums are now expected around Europe. So prime locations like the Netherlands or France is potentially the next places to ask their populations fro their opinion on remain or exit.

The UK still remains at the forefront of distribution, trade and innovation in the fulfilment space and that’s why smart companies are not looking to change what is a winning formula now.

So what does a wise company looking at distribution around Europe do? Take advantage of the uncertainty and continue with plans based on probable outcomes. Capitalise when your competitors are still considering their options and forge on.

Here at Diamond, we have ‘forged on’ on 3 previous occasions now to positive effect. I established the business originally in 1992 – in the wake of a massive recession and hundreds of courier companies closing their doors. Again in 2008, seeing bad times coming we had saved a war chest which allowed us to acquire when everyone was holding onto their hats and acquired a company adding 30% to my revenues. In 2011 (depths of UK recession) our team piloted our new partnership model and in 2012 launched – which has resulted in our 6-fold revenue increase.

So hold steady all – Brexit is causing people to reflect and consider. However, there is not the uncertainty the doom-mongers in the media are predicting. It’s news, sure, but there are opportunities. Those who consider it wisely and see new prospects to be had. Smart companies are seeing those opportunities and acting to take advantage prior to their competitors.


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