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4 reasons growing courier companies want to join the Diamond network

There is opportunity in adversity. And after an incredible 2020, courier companies learnt they need four things to not just survive, but thrive:

1. Service diversity 
2. Membership of a UK wide group (for national opportunities) 
3. Bulk buying rates to compete 
4. The latest technology to compete

In 2021, a business needs backup. Brexit has been challenging, retail is transforming and the opportunities for eFulfillment are off the chart. Add this to new national and government contracts, and anyone with an eye on the future of their business wants to be a part of an organisation that can help them access all of the above.


Here’s a review of diamond’s February launches, exploring their personal reasons for joining 

1 – Cardiff:  add new services and eCommerce to a thriving existing business 

Cardiff operator Elite Couriers joined diamond in order to increase its eCommerce client base and serve customers in South Wales.  

Company director Leon Haughton comes from a logistics family, with his father operating successful firms such as Midnite Express and Regency Freight Logistics. Leon decided to branch out in 2018 and launched Elite Couriers.  

2021 is set to be a new beginning  a first in fact  for all of us, in one way or another. Leon and his business will be taking their next steps with its new partner diamondlogistics. 

A diamond partnership is designed to improve existing operations, bring new technologies and secure great input rates with major carriers. And above all else, it’s about being part of a bold, ambitious national network. 

With diamond’s support, new courier partners are set to scale-up their business and increase turnover with great buying rates with all the major carriers, and harness the benefits of its powerful despatchlab technology.

With repeat customers centrally administered by diamondlogisticsNetwork Partners just need to focus on sales, operations and the all-important growth. 

diamond will help its new partners launch, manage and operate a successful business, providing training, technology and its own homepage.


2 – WiganFamily business knows diversification is key for survival 

diamond welcomes Scorpion Couriers – which has joined the diamondlogistics network to grow its eCommerce client base, and to serve customers in the Greater Manchester area. 

At present, the local business, operated by father and son team Darren and Ryan Cuncliffe, specialises in SameDay delivery of medical products. In January 2020, the team moved into a 5,000 sq ft warehouse and office complex. In 2021 the family operation is set to extend and expand further as a diamondlogistics Network Partner.


3 – Mid WalesAdding innovation and eCommerce to an established, family business. 

Newtown Powys family business – 2nd Generation Logistics, a subsidiary of Station Couriers – has joined the diamondlogistics network, for eFulfillment opportunities, and to serve customers in the mid-Wales area. 

The local business, operated by a parent and daughter team, has grown from a taxi service – Station Taxis – to a successful carrier business, which acquired its own 40,000 sq ft service centre in 2016. Now, having outgrown that facility, the operation is set to extend and expand as a diamond Network Partner.   

Elite Couriers, Scorpion Couriers and 2nd Generation Logistics are set to have an exciting year of business expansion, knowing they have the best of both worlds. They retain their own independence, yet add the services, technology, carrier rates and opportunity to not just survive, but thrive.



You, too, can make 2021 the year you transform your courier companyStart your journey to business growthComplete the form below today:

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