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An alternative route to the UK market for EU suppliers

EU producers are switching off their routes to the UK market because of the challenges Brexit has created. Kate Lester, CEO and founder of diamondlogistics, offers an alternative route for EU suppliers.

The UK is the world’s fifth largest eCommerce market. Since Brexit we have seen businesses in the European Union ceasing to supply to the UK because of the challenges that Brexit has created. It’s not just the delays on EU goods entering the UK, it’s the admin and charges, not to mention the huge pressure on customer services. The inability to meet customer expectations has led to EU producers switching off their routes to the UK market.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

By creating a UK entity and outsourcing your fulfilment and logistics you could still seamlessly service a market that was worth £1bn in 2020. With a 72.7% uplift in online retail in the UK in 2020 (Source Office of National Statistics Retail Sales Great Britain Jan 2021), as long as you have a good online strategy, then the demand here is HUGE.

Outsourcing your logistics to experienced professionals is easy. Companies – such as diamondlogistics – that has a great cloud platform which can integrate with your online marketplaces, keep live inventory and give you transparency of your pick, pack and despatch and delivery –- provide reassurance. And the UK team can even support localised customer services and help meet customer expectations.

The top 10 sectors that have seen demand boom in the last year are as follows:

       1. Clothing
       2. Fast food
       3. Printed books or newspaper
       4. Furniture, home accessories or gardening products
       5. Computer, tables, mobile phones
       6. Children’s toys or childcare items
       7. Cosmetics, beauty or wellness products
       8. Cleaning or personal hygiene products
       9. Consumer electronics i.e. TVs
     10. Sports goods (excl. clothing)
           (Source: ONS Jan 2021)

Many European retailers have found that large UK based fulfilment companies aren’t interested in working with smaller retailers. diamond welcomes these clients – particularly the ones which are owner led – and have worked, successfully, for 29 years in helping these businesses to grow.

diamond also has 30 specialist sites around the UK specifically targeted at small to medium sized (SME) retailers – offering a bespoke Fulfilment service experienced in all the above sectors excluding number 2 – and if you need that we recommend Deliveroo!

Our sites have been providing UK Fulfilment and delivery, twinned with full outsourced logistics management for 29 years – and have specialist teams dependant on the type of goods being distributed. From cheap and cheerful, to high unit cost items, diamond has a service centre to meet your needs.



For more information on how diamondlogistics can assist your business, complete the below form and one of our logistics team will be in touch:

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