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5 Benefits of Same Day Delivery for your Business

The Benefits of Same Day Delivery Service

No matter the type of business you run, at some point you’re going to require the fast delivery of goods and the assurance of their arrival. This could be the difference between keeping a customer, meeting a deadline, or even a medical emergency. Nowadays, we have a huge choice of delivery options, but, when it comes down to it, a same day courier has the advantage.

If you’ve never considered same day delivery before, now is the time to think about how it could benefit your business. Here we look at 5 key benefits of using same day delivery for your business.

the benefits of same day delivery for your business

1. It’s fast!

Same day delivery is faster than any other delivery method. We use trusted local couriers, who will collect your consignment from your location and guarantee delivery straight to your recipient. No sorting office or distribution hub is involved. Depending on the location, you will receive an exact delivery time and you can track your item from A to B. So, whether you’re an eCommerce business who needs to send a customer’s order immediately, or you’re a manufacturer that needs a consignment quickly, same day is the way to go.

2. It’s secure

Because your consignment is travelling directly from you to the recipient using one courier, it is very secure. There’s no chance of it becoming lost in a warehouse or while getting transferred between vehicles. The courier that collects your consignment will be the one your recipient meets, it’s that simple. We only work with trusted same day couriers who will personally look after your item. All same day items are also live tracked using our bespoke logistics platform, Despatchlab, so you know exactly where the courier is and when they have successfully delivered.

3. It’s convenient

Dealing with time sensitive orders is stressful, no matter if you are sending or receiving. In this situation you want a convenient and assured option. With same day delivery there’s no need to wait days for an order that your business desperately needs, or wait to send time sensitive items like medical supplies to a hospital, lab or clinic. Now you have the convenience of knowing exactly when your order will arrive.

4. It keeps you competitive

With so many delivery options available, you can now offer your customers a lot of choice when it comes to their delivery. But, to truly remain competitive with your fulfilment, you will want a same day option available for customers who want their items ASAP.

5. It keeps your customers satisfied

The logistics landscape has changed a lot over the years and, with it, so have customer expectations. This can make it really challenging for eCommerce businesses to continue to satisfy their customers. Using a same day courier will give you the competitive edge on your rivals and boost your reputation with your customers. Remember a satisfied customer is a returning customer!

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