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Expanding your delivery business into a one stop logistics solution

Expanding your delivery business

Many delivery companies are feeling the squeeze at the moment and are looking for alternative income streams to boost their revenue. Branching out into new logistics offerings from scratch can be costly though and, without the right infrastructure, knowledge and support, they could well stall before they’ve started. This is why becoming a Diamond Network Partner can put you at an advantage.

Why does diversification work for logistics companies?

Adding diversification into your existing logistics or courier business creates better stability for your income. It also reduces vulnerability, and increases the saleability and value of your business. Diversifying from same day services will help to level out seasonality, as next day, international and eCommerce fulfilment all having different focus points. This can provide a revenue boost that is also more constant through the year. And it can set you up with the tools to match your aspirations for growth through sales.

Adding more services will also help to future proof your business. It can prevent your business from obsolescence from new emerging technologies and allow you to thrive by adapting to market changes as they happen.

Success story from our Bicester Network Partner

Antony, Director of Darcica Logistics Limited and our Network Partner for Bicester, approached us as he wanted to diversify his current business to bring in additional revenue. He already had a Palletways franchise and was also a delivery service provider. However, his existing customers were approaching him for additional services he didn’t currently offer. Antony decided to approach us to see if we could help expand his services into fulfilment and small parcel delivery, which would complement both the pallet delivery and DSP sides of his business.

Since partnering with Diamond, Antony’s business has expanded. He has found that the majority of his existing customers now use all three services, taking advantage of fulfilment and smaller parcel delivery alongside pallet consignments and same day couriering.

Hear more from our Bicester Network Partner Antony, in conversation with Diamond Founder and CEO, Kate Lester. 

Cover all your bases and become a Diamond Network Partner

If you want to diversify your business to create additional income streams in an industry that you already know and understand, then a Diamond Logistics network partnership is well worth exploring.


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