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50 Fulfilment and Delivery Centres Nationwide in 2023

Coming soon to a town near you – Diamond reaches 50 in 2023

The year 2023 has started with a bang for Diamond Logistics as we have launched three brand new Network Partners in the month of January alone. The signing up of these additional network partners has put us on track to achieve our goal of 50 service centres by June 2023. So why are logistics businesses joining Diamond in their droves? There’s a multitude of reasons and opportunities.

Why the growth now?

Firstly, in the last couple of years small warehouses have been been in high demand as industries such as the medical sector have required their services for the stockpiling of goods particularly the NHS for PPE storage during the COVID crisis. As we return to normality, these warehouses are now freeing up and sadly a few small business have had to close their doors as a result of the current economic crisis. We saw this as an opportunity to support the local community and industry by launching micro fulfilment centres all around the UK.

We’ve got a great new stream of professional, new blood logisticians, as I like to call them. They’re not caught up in the grotty UK haulage jobsworth mentality and have often had a baptism of fire in something like being an Amazon delivery service provider, so they have been put through their paces. They are professional, they are eloquent, they are ambitious, and they see the opportunity of working within the Diamond model.

Moving to the bright side

We’ve also got people joining us from existing networks as a result of these networks putting their input prices up to an unsustainable level and have failed to address service issues in areas of their network. It is no longer tenable for people to only have access 21 input network. You need to have a multi carrier solution. This is because your client base will need a diversity of delivery options- both in terms of capability and destination.

Technology platform

And finally, Despatchlab – our one stop logistics platform – now includes wholly Diamond owned software. It will never be finished as it will be constantly evolving but it’s certainly in a position whereby, we can go to mass market.

The personalised approach to delivery and fulfilment in the UK

We originally licensed post code areas with exclusivity to give network partners an opportunity to build a business as big as they wish. Once upon a time, we used to say that people could build a million pounds in terms of sales ledger revenue within three years. Our new network partners have reached in excess of £40,000 monthly sales in just over three months so the speed of which people can build their businesses is very exciting. There’s such a big demand out there. It was only today that I was speaking to a customer that is dying for a diamond logistics network partner to open by them. SME’s want the friendly personalised yet thoroughly technologically and operationally enabled business that diamond can provide. And we are well up for the challenge.

So, if 2023 is the year you want to do something spectacular in your logistics business, I suggest you get your thumb out and inquire today. 


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