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8 Step Logistical Check


We’re excited to be able to offer out a simple 8 step check list for you to return to us and give us an idea of the areas you think need that extra attention. Simply read the below and submit back to us and we’ll be in touch!

Tell us about your business

We need to know where the companies been, where it’s going, what its aspirations are and what part logistics plays in its business planning.

Where do you feel the pain?

What part of your logistics do you think needs improving? Is its systems, service or costs issue?

What do you think needs attention?

Your assessment of the areas you’ve noticed that could do with improvement

Review of supplier resource

This is to look into each of the carriers the client utilises and how each is utilised.  Ensuring that the correct carriers are used for each shipment type.

Supplier price review

Ensuring that the best possible rate is achieved via each of the selected carriers.

Systems review

Ensuring the correct systems are in place to streamline the despatch process.

Time Study

Reviewing the current time taken to run despatching of goods and look to reduce to maximise productivity per head count is despatch.

Get Your Full Report

We’ll produce a written report that outlines our recommendations and where we feel, if any, improvement can be made. This logistical survey normally retails at £1500.  For a select number of people, this process can be completely free.

If you want to know more about Diamond Logistics, then why not get in touch today. Alternatively, while you’re here why not pay a visit to our eCommerce fulfilment, same day delivery, and next day and international delivery pages.

Just email with ‘I want to book a free logistical check-up for my business’ in the subject line and you are an email away from transforming your logistics.


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