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Top five ways to stay alert as a delivery driver



Offering a sameday, overnight & international delivery service – we are well aware of the struggles for delivery drivers on those long road trips.

Staying alert on the road is a difficult task as travelling can be very tiring, especially on long-distance journeys.

We’ve come up with five easy ways to make sure you stay on-the-ball and safe on the road…


Eat a healthy meal!

We know how hard it can be when you’re travelling to grab some fast food, it offers a quick energy hit and tastes great at the time!

However, the fat and salt content offers a short-term energy boost and can see your energy levels crash after a small amount of time.

Lean meats, whole grains and vegetables are a sure-fire way to make sure the energy hit lasts over a sustained amount of time and will have you feeling great on you way.


Get a breath of fresh air while you’re on the move

Opening up your windows to let the oxygen flow through your vehicle can help renew your energy levels, particularly if it’s warm in there.

It’ll have that same shock factor as jumping in a cold shower gives your system a quick wake-up call and is a quick fix to any fatigue.

As with any quick solution, this doesn’t last for long so be sure to pull over when you can and take a break from your drive.

Take a quick nap

Whether this is before your drive or midway through when you pull up in a safe spot, a nap is proven to recharge your energy levels.

Even grabbing a quick hour is better than nothing and can help give your body some crucial rest ahead of a long trip.

Your body will even be grateful for 20 minutes here and there on your journey, while it may seem that you are losing valuable time – it’s much better to get there safely.

Stay hydrated!

Hydration levels are a key factor in keeping your mind and body sharp in general life so they’re all the more important when trying to keep your concentration going.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid loading up on coffee and energy drinks as that’s a quick way to dehydration.

Dehydration can make you feel fatigued so focus on drinking water or vitamin-enriched smoothies to keep you going through your long journeys.

Turn the music up!

Music can affect your mood which in turn affects your energy levels. Remember it’s just you in that vehicle so don’t be afraid to belt out a song and spike your endorphin levels!

It’s a great way of passing the time and can distract you from the long journey, if you get bored of your music you can always pop an audiobook in to keep you hooked.


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