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Managing overnight delivery with Diamond




diamond logistics offers you everything that you need in terms of overnight (sometimes known as next day delivery) and international deliveries with access to multiple carriers and couriers from one provider.

Firstly you get a very easy to use one stop logistics platform to manage all your deliveries, Despatchlab. This is an intuitive, user friendly system that is bespoke to your requirements set up to route your same day courier, overnight and international deliveries automatically reducing your logistics management demands. It also gives you transparency – with live tracking of all your logistics in one place – to give you peace of mind.

Add to that our award-winning customer service that puts your business first, with our pro active exception management of all your overnight deliveries so you can rely on us to get the job done efficiently. What does this mean? It means for each overnight delivery we make sure it gets delivered and if it doesn’t we know before you (or your customer does) and do what we can to mitigate the outcome. This means in 99% of cases we trouble shoot so you don’t have to. Its incorporated logistics management of your overnight deliveries.

By using us you will also benefit from either automatic, best or least cost routing of you overnight deliveries. What does this mean?  Its means you get to choose what carrier preferences you have for your overnight deliveries. You may have a particular preference after a bad experience, you may wish to keep your costs low, you may want the very best delivery option – all these alternatives can be set into your bespoke algorithms and once set up every consignment will be routed via your preference. 

At Diamond we ensure that you have full control and are fully updated throughout your experience. With Diamond your overnight & international deliveries regardless of carrier are integrated so you can see them all in one place – with real-time booking, tracking and instant proof of delivery keeping you as informed as you want or need to be.

And the booking process for your overnight delivery is super streamlined  with manual input shipment creation taking just five seconds., or you can have your systems or website integrated with a straightforward API.

Our process is tried, tested and reliable – with over 500 corporate users and 30 years experience. We have twinned experience with innovation to bring you teh best of both worlds – easy to use technology twiined with expertise in overnight delivery. You can rest assured we will deliver.

Furthermore, you can track your process on the move and anywhere in the world! Our system is accessible online from any PC or tablet anywhere in the world.

Diamond Logistics is committed to providing a slick, efficient and excellent service to you, so get in touch by calling 0333 567 0391 or fill out the form on our website here.


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