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There is something really weird going on in our business…


diamond turns 25-1-2


Meet the odd office…

Meet the Board

Kate, Bex, Natalie & Dan.

Meet the HQ Team

Charlotte, Zoe, Karon, Nicola, Clare, Natalie, Jason G, Matt & Becky.

Meet Guildford Fulfilment Centre Team

Jason K, Adam D, Anchilla, Gurpreet, Eliza, Tim, Dragos & David.

In logistics the average percentage of women in employment is 26%. At diamond logistics it’s 13/21 – or 62%.

Startlingly, our Senior Management roles are parity male and female and Director roles, primarily women – with 75% of the board female; unlike industry norms, within logistics, where only 20% of the management positions are occupied by women. A recent Supply Chain Management Review article shows 5% of the top-level Supply Chain Positions are filled by women, compared to 15% of Executive Officer positions at the same companies. Hmm…

diamond logistics wasn’t always so “gender unbiased”. For the first 20 years, when we were just a tiny courier company, there were the standard logistics percentages in play. The one action that really shifted things for us was to simply focus on improving our statistics. Being conscious about our previous unconscious bias for men.

Our business needed to be different, more responsive to client needs and fresh influences. If we put in the same ingredients as the rest of the logistics industry then we’d get the same output, so we looked at what we could do to change diversity.

Now we are focusing on encouraging women to own our franchises too and we celebrate that challenge with our Women in Logistics Award, which has been won by Julie Cooksley and Amanda Watkins-Smith.

In our business there are two things we noticeably do differently to other logistics businesses. We treat ALL employees equally. Explicit and implicit gender parity.

So for example; if a Father needs to take time off work to look after his child for whatever reason, he can. Equally, if a Mother has the afternoon off to see the School’s concert, that’s cool by us too. If a son or daughter needs time to care for elderly parents, we’ll accommodate and support where possible.

We evaluate purely on merit, not on reproductive organs; revolutionary, I know!

Oh, and our business has grown 8-fold since then. Successful behaviours leave clues, right?

What can you do to create gender parity in your business?



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