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A shared courier experience and new model explanation from Kate Lester


Grab some popcorn, put on your 3D glasses and let Kate explain an experience she had with a pair of courier experts, as well as an explanation on how she’s working on fixing broken courier networks.

“I met two chaps yesterday – both of whom run their own courier companies – both very successful in their own right.

One of them runs a full same day operation, with a bolt on from an overnight network. The other runs an overnight depot for a network in decline.

They can, however, see shifts in the market – same day facing all sorts of threats from drones to Uber, and the carrier market, becoming really challenging due to freight restriction within networks.

They were also both sick of working 0400 to 2200.

And, so was I before I changed my business in 2011 – when I took it from a tiny same day business to a successful 3 stream income business.

These guys are joining me as business partners as we build a different kind of courier network.  A one stop solution providing customers all around the UK with all the storage, fulfilment and despatch requirements – be it same day, next day or international  – that they need… and our businesses run 0800 to 1800.

You see I thought the original logistics model was broken. 

Same day is quite volatile. Lovely profit but challenging operationally. And same day clients are getting harder to find.

Joining an overnight network is very hard work indeed. No margin on poorly paid deliveries – and restriction on what you can send through. 

And the market is changing – everyone is an online retailer – and you need to provide storage and fulfilment too.

So I created a new model.

  • My team and I now do overnights – but don’t do deliveries on behalf of any network – we just collect from our clients and input into our integrated carriers.
  • We can take most freight – because we use lots of carriers.
  • We do storage and fulfilment – because that’s great margin plus repeat business.
  • And we do same day – so that’s the cherry on the ice cream sundae in terms of profit.


3 income streams

  • Same Day
  • Overnight and international
  • Storage and Fulfilment

And here’s just 9 reasons more why you need to look at this;

  1. No delivery routes
  2. All freight profiles
  3. Ace online software
  4. The HQ office does all the invoicing
  5. HQ gives you the marketing to help your business grow.
  6. You get paid monthly to help your cash flow
  7. We negotiate all the rates from the carriers so you benefit from your corporate service and preferential rates
  8. You are part of a team who are focused on growing your business
  9. Low capital infrastructure – it’s really low cost business to run.

But why would you do this?

  • Because other networks are making it difficult for you to make the living you need to
  • Freight restriction are limiting what you can despatch on behalf of your clients
  • And you are sick of working to either just scrape by OR to line the pockets of the hub who make the profit whilst you do all the hard work.

diamond is the alternative. 

Canny operators are choosing to join diamond logistics to transform their lives and their businesses. From Glasgow to Bournemouth, people just like you have seen what an opportunity it is to have a different life and a different type of operation.

Interested? I do hope so.

Please give me a shout on 01483 536888 or email me at and we can have a chat and I can send you some more information.”


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