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Secret number three in building a great logistics business


 Hi future franchisee!

The best franchises we have focus on three things:

  1. Knowing our extensive product offering
  2. Their sales pipeline
  3. Customer Service

A fair dash of logistics geekery is needed – which is why we EXTENSIVELY train our franchises in 5 days of diamonds Logistics School – before setting you up with another 6 days of proactive hands on set up and training in your depot. 

Making sure you keep your sales pipeline is stacked feeding your future growth is essential too – persistent and consistent growth is key to long term success

And LOVING your customers – and delivering the proactive logistics management of their consignments is key too.

Pretty straightforward – and all backed by methodology which has helped our network recruit thousands of customers this year.

Owning a franchise is short cut to success – but don’t under estimate the graft you’ll have to put it – it will be a steep learning curve. However the opportunity is huge – and with just 20 launches next year you’d be SMART to book your depot launch sooner rather than later. The diamond opportunity is not infinite – and I’d hate you to miss out.

Reason number 3 why 2019 can be the year you transform your business. Get in touch today and have chat about whether you have what it takes to own a great franchise. 

You can get me on 01483 536888 or email me at



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