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Addressing the Skills Shortage in Logistics at 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street 21102019Kate Lester represented the express delivery industry as member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Road Freight and Logistics (Chaired by Sir Mike Pennings MP) on the 21st of October 2019 with the group will be presenting the APPG report into the skills shortage, delegation led by RHA Chairman Richard Burnett.

diamond’s contribution to the report included;

• Creating inclusive career paths of which driving can be a life time career for those who choose it or part of the first steps on a long term journey through the exciting world of logistics including support for training such as the Express Delivery Degree and Apprenticeship programme supported by the IoC

• An industry led promotion of an EDI policy which encourages recruitment from other sectors of society

• Improvement of condition to include flexible working, good healthcare and conditions and support in health, mental and physical, to put the ambassadors of our companies (which is what our mighty drivers are) at the forefront of our client experience, not an afterthought.

The RHA manifesto is calling for the 60 000 driver shortage to be addresses by looking very practically at the issue – broadly summed up in addressing driver conditions – good food, better rest stops, security, healthcare and adequate facilities – as well as extension of the Apprenticeship Scheme.

Mike Ponsonby – an owner as well as CPC trainer – asked for a very simple but incredibly effective three point solution- better toilet facilities, better parking and the ban of periods of availability and Nick Bithnell of Knights of Old asked for the Apprenticeship scheme to be extended to included C + E qualifications to encourage take up.

For more information on the skills shortage in logistics, why not visit this article on the RHA website.


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