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Bristol wins Network Partner of the Year for the Second Time

This year saw the sixth Annual diamond Awards – and the big prize is Network Partner of the Year. This time – for the second time – it goes to Bristol – led by wife and husband team Amanda and Daren Watkins Smith. Mandy shares with us how the team felt about this second accolade to their award winning service centre.

‘Winning Network Partner of the Year for the second time concretes all that we have been doing. We are doing something right and we need to keep building on that’ says Amanda.

‘Why do I think we have won for a second time? It’s very much the team we have – we all share the same goal. Very values driven – protective even of each other – and if outsiders come along and are deemed a threat, our team closes rank and look after each other’.

At the diamond AGM weekend fellow Network Partners have commented on the team – saying they’d love to have that kind of relationship with theirs. So why do Bristol have such a good rapport with their team? Mandy reflects, ‘The directors, myself and Daren, treat people like human beings and have always been very willing to be very hands on. Our team see our commitment and then match that with their commitment in return’.

When asked about her advice to ambitious Network partners Mandy continues, ‘If I had any advice to inspire future diamond Network Partners I would say invest well in your team and make sure you chose the right team members with complementary strengths. They obviously need all the skills transferable to a career in logistics but individually they need to have different yet complementary skills they can each bring’.

Finally Mandy was asked to comment on being part of team diamond. ‘As for how we feel about the diamond network – it’s like being part of a bigger family, diamond is so values driven just like us, the synergy between us is very important. The diamond network events that organised by diamond HQ top up the positivity, empathy and sense of camaraderie across the network. It sends us on our way with a big spring in our step ready to keep building business’.

Congratulations to Mandy, Daren and all at teamdiamond Bristol. 

Next diamond events:

Spring Meet – 7th March 2020

2020 AGM and Awards – 3rd Oct 2020

If you’d like to hear about how joining the diamond network can benefit your courier company get in touch with our Chief Commercial Officer Daniel Allin today on 01483 536888 or 


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