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Bristol Fulfilment Services: Catering to Former Tuffnells Clients

Bristol Fulfilment Services have stepped up to support former Tuffnells client with their business needs.

In recent times, the logistics landscape in Bristol has undergone significant changes, with the news of Tuffnells going into administration. This development has created a gap in the UK market, particularly in the area of irregular dimension and weight (IDW) distribution.

Bristol Network Partners

At Diamond Logistics, we have been proactive in addressing this gap by collaborating with our reliable network partners. Amanda and Daren, our esteemed network partners based in Bristol, bring to the table a wealth of experience in the midsized haulage business, spanning nearly three decades. As founding members of our network, Amanda and Daren have successfully served the local business community in Bristol. In fact, their exceptional contributions have led to Bristol being awarded the Network Partner of the Year title twice!

Daren oversees the DAWS transport division of their business, while Amanda focuses on eCommerce solutions. She has been instrumental in working closely with numerous women-led businesses, offering tailored, high-quality eCommerce solutions for a wide range of products, from stationary to baby clothes and home furnishings, among others.

Supported by Simone, an invaluable team member for the past nine years, Amanda and Daren have steered the Diamond Bristol operations to remarkable success. Their dedication and the collective expertise of their team have been pivotal in achieving consistent growth.

Interview with Director Amanda

Reflecting on the recent developments, Amanda mentions,

“The situation with Tuffnells has presented numerous opportunities for us in Bristol. Additionally, we have witnessed a surge in eCommerce inquiries, making it a busy month overall. We are fortunate to provide a comprehensive range of services that can cater to diverse client needs. From handling large and heavy same-day consignments that traditional providers like Tuffnells struggle with, to offering cutting-edge eCommerce solutions for our ever-expanding base of eCommerce clients.”

Women in Logistics

Being a successful woman in the logistics industry, Amanda recognizes the rarity of such representation. She embraces the fact that Bristol naturally attracts women-led eCommerce brands. Amanda states,

“Within diamond, we have championed diversity, and my own journey resonates with many others starting their own businesses. This shared experience allows us to foster long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships, which is at the core of Diamond’s philosophy. It’s all about shared success.”

Fulfilment Plans for the Future

Looking ahead to the third and fourth quarters of 2023, Amanda focuses on her plans for the future. eCommerce fulfilment is a dynamic service that demands continuous sales input and development due to the steep product curves it often entails. Demand can skyrocket rapidly, but it can also contract just as swiftly. As we navigate through the life cycle of our clients, we remain committed to opening our doors to other Bristol businesses, extending our eCommerce fulfilment services, as well as offering efficient options for same day delivery, next day delivery, and international consignments.

If you are interested in learning more about our Bristol fulfilment services, please click on the form below to make an inquiry or hit the button below to learn more about our fulfilment service centres.



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