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Cambridge Diamond Logistics expands with new Eastbourne site

When James Robinson and Frank Coen launched as Diamond Logistics Cambridge mid-Pandemic in October 2020, they had ambitious plans to scale and grow by tapping into the vibrant eFulfilment market.

Less than two years later – and with a number of lucrative contracts behind them – the business partners are expanding Diamond ’s reach and their business potential with a new Eastbourne site.

Frank explains why he had no doubts to expand further with Diamond : “The fact it’s a national brand, collective bargaining, the doors it opens and the head office support we receive. There’s no way we could have afforded these types of resources within our former revenue streams. Without Diamond we wouldn’t have access to the range of couriers or their preferential rates. It also gives us a sense of security.”

Diamond Logistics has been supporting traditional carrier business models to pivot on-line and support eCommerce businesses to scale-up. Diamond ’s founder and CEO, Kate Lester, sees the Cambridge team as pivotal to the company’s expansion, and she wants more owner-manager businesses like theirs to join Diamond ’s nationwide network.

If you feel like you need help taking control of your business, or even diversifying from a handful of larger clients, then think about joining Diamond Logistics,” says Kate. “If you cannot offer local businesses all the services they need, then a Diamond partnership can support you to do that.”

About Diamond Logistics

Diamond Logistics is a delivery and fulfilment operation powered by Despatchlab technology.

Working with a passionate and talented network of professionals and service centres across the country, Diamond Logistics makes sure packages get where they’re needed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow, scale and flourish.

The company was founded in 1992 by Kate Lester to help SMEs with their delivery and storage needs. With Kate still at the helm, Diamond has embraced new technological solutions to grow and improve its services.

Hear what Diamond Logistics Cambridge’s James Robinson & Frank Coen have to say about joining the Diamond Logistics network and the benefits their Network Partnership has provided for their logistics business:

To talk to someone today about the benefits of becoming a Diamond Logistics Network Partner call 0333 567 5888, email our team at or complete the below Contact form:


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