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eCommerce fulfilment competitors: Clipper Logistics

Another blog in our eCommerce Fulfilment competitors series – and actually this is about someone in the same space as Diamond Logistics, but they are so different from us I don’t really think of them as our competitors at all.

They are a well-respected company for huge retailers needing Fulfilment on a global scale, so read on if that’s in line with your requirements for eCommerce fulfilment with Clipper Logistics.

Clipper Logistics calls itself a ‘new breed of logistics company’. They specialise in ‘end-to-end eCommerce logistic solutions’ as one of Europe’s leading retail logistics providers, with, according to their website, ‘an unrivalled reputation for ensuring our customers deliver on their promises’.

They have 55 sites across Europe and deliver a staggering 500m units each year with the help of 30 years experience, vast warehousing facilities (I.e. 11m + ft2 warehousing space!) and over 10,000+ employees across their sites.

Basically, they’re HUGE!

It’s a publicly listed company run by CEO Tony Mannix, but chaired still by its founder, Steve Parkin albeit there is a current takeover bid in the offing which may see this change, for £942.6m! Very impressive for a company founded in 1992.

Clipper is very much retail clothing orientated – with clients such as Antley, Asda, River Island, Mountain Warehouse, Armani and ASOS.

And oh, don’t forget Kate’s granddaughter’s favourite – Build a Bear!

Its services include: Boomerang Returns Management, Clicklink, (Click and Collect Evolved) Urban and Retail consolidation, technical services, multi channel and specialist fashions services.

They do say that they work with all shapes and sizes, stating ‘Our bespoke approach to logistics sees us work with market-leaders, SMEs, start-ups and the UK’s fastest emerging brands – to deliver the same flexibility and exceptional service to every business, regardless of their size’.

If this sounds like the option for you find out more about them on their webpage here. Want to know about more of our competitors? Well we have plenty of information for you in this series. Find more in this our eCommerce competitor blog.


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