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Cut Classics – fulfilment for low-alcohol products in the UK

This month, we spoke with Anthony from Cut Classics about the popularity of non or low-alcohol products in the UK.

Diamond works closely with a diverse range of alcohol and beverage clients, each with their own set of unique and complex fulfilment, warehousing, and delivery requirements. These clients value our expertise in the storage and careful packaging of their high-quality products. The IWSR, analysts for the global drinks market, forecast that the sale of non or low-alcohol products will increase by over 6% between 2021 and 2025 in the UK market. There is a wide range of reasons why consumers are seeking alternatives to alcoholic products and the growth in this sector is expected to surge as younger generations choose to opt for non or low-alcohol products. This trend presents some significant opportunities for one of our clients, Cut Classics.

What were Cut Classics’ Fulfilment Needs?

Low and non-alcoholic beverages can be a complex product to store, package, and distribute. Because of the delicate nature of the product, it is critical to get the order from the warehouse to the customer completely unscathed and intact. Diamond works closely with our beverage fulfilment clients to select the best carrier for their product using our logistics management software, Despatchlab. Our software, which is integrated with the Cut Classics website, handles all online purchases made through their marketplace. Our team then picks and packs the order, safely packages it using our precise and consistent wrapping systems and delivers it to the customer using our same day or next day delivery service.

Anthony O’Connor, Founder of Cut Classics, outlines the benefits they have experienced from their partnership with Diamond,

“We appreciate the support that Diamond provides their clients and how they proactively assist the brands with increasing sales. Of course, this is mutually beneficial for them as it ensures a steady streams of orders for their team to fulfil. What differentiates them from other fulfilment partners is their business ethos of Shared Success. They have created amazing connections for us and have put us in direct contact with potential leads in the US. What more could you ask for!”

What are their plans for 2023?

In 2022, Cut Classics gained some positive insights and acknowledged some lessons that would forever change the course of their business in the future. This has resulted in the company having increased knowledge of where to direct their sales efforts and better understand their promotional spend. In 2023, they have committed to marketing to a number of targeted areas as well as concentrating on developing awareness around some of their key products.

Anthony explains what they expect in the future,

“Many hotel companies have told us they will only think about listing us in 2023, when they have narrowed down their current selection of spirits. Our view is that many individuals regret having fallen for the fad of having a large selection of gin, whisky, and rum options. We predict that these establishments will have a significant range consolidation. We’ll continue to grow in our target markets while also aiming to diversify our product offerings and explore international business prospects.”

About Cut Classics

Cut Classics is the first line of light spirits in the world, featuring traditional alcoholic beverages with half the calories and typical alcohol level of gin, rum, and vodka. During the lockdown in 2020, the brand was first conceptualised by the founder Anthony and his wife, Atlanta. As forty-something parents of three active sons, they wanted to create something meaningful together and establish a business that fit in with both their lifestyles. They understood that so many people, like themselves, enjoyed a drink, but we also needed to balance their consumption with their health and lifestyle goals. They identified a large variety of products that were on the market for people who didn’t want to drink alcohol at all but there was very little to choose from for people who ultimately wanted to control their consumption. With Cut Classics, they set out to make spirits that deliver the anticipated taste and experience but with a significant reduction in alcohol.

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Low-alcohol products by cut classics

Cut Classics

Sector: Alcohol Fulfilment and Delivery

Reach: National markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Fast and reliable delivery network
  • Bespoke packaging services
  • Specialist fulfilment centres
  • Industry knowledge and connections
  • Excellent customer support

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