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Kromanti Rum – A Spirited Fulfilment Partnership with Diamond Logistics

This month, we spoke with the team from Kromanti Rum about the exceptional customer experience they've achieved due to their fulfilment partnership with Diamond Logistics.

Kromanti Rum is a distinguished name in the beverage industry, specializing in Tamarind infused Spiced Rum. With a unique flavour profile and commitment to quality, Kromanti Rum has carved a niche for itself among rum enthusiasts.

Business Challenges

Before partnering with Diamond Logistics, Kromanti Rum faced significant challenges, particularly a lack of flexibility in fulfilment options and difficulty in accessing direct contact to make changes. These issues left the company unsure about the customer shipping experience, impacting overall business operations and growth.

Partnership with Diamond Logistics

Kromanti Rum chose Diamond Logistics for its ability to pull together a network of local shipping partners across the country. The accessibility and ease of contacting the fulfilment warehouse to resolve issues were key factors in this decision.

Solutions Provided

Diamond Logistics provided Kromanti Rum with a streamlined solution for their pick, pack and post needs. Though the company did not have previous fulfilment and delivery processes, Diamond’s services offered better insight into how customers receive packages.

Results and Benefits

The partnership with Diamond Logistics led to measurable improvements in Kromanti Rum’s business performance, particularly in enhancing the customer experience. The ability to understand and control the shipping experience led to increased customer satisfaction.

Customer Service and Support

Kromanti Rum describes the customer service and support from Diamond Logistics as “very good,” with responsiveness to queries and effective problem resolution. A standout example of exceptional service was the ability to make same day deliveries for urgent situations.

Future Growth and Expansion

Kromanti Rum envisions Diamond Logistics playing a vital role in supporting their future growth and expansion, particularly in the area of Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) customer fulfilment.


“They feel like an extension of the Kromanti team as our shipping partners. Yes, they are flexible and efficient.”


The success story of Kromanti Rum with Diamond Logistics is a testament to the power of collaboration, flexibility, and customer-centric solutions. From overcoming initial challenges to enhancing the customer experience, the partnership has been a journey of triumph and growth.

To explore Kromanti Rum and their unique offerings, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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Kromanti Rum Spirited Fulfilment

Kromanti Rum

Sector: Alcohol Fulfilment and Delivery

Reach: National and international markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Fast and reliable delivery network
  • Bespoke packaging services
  • Specialist fulfilment centres
  • Industry knowledge and connections
  • Excellent customer support

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