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Paws & Tails – Pet products, fulfilment and delivery collaborate to create a paw-fect partnership

We spoke to pet products business, Paws & Tails about how fulfilment and delivery has helped support the growth of their business.

What was their logistics challenge?

In a post-Brexit market, Paws and Tails UK has come up against a number of logistical and financial challenges. With an increase in costs arising from increase import prices and the cost of shipping increasing four-fold, both branches of the company needed a different solution for their pet products fulfilment requirements.

What was the solution?

This is where Diamond Logistics stepped in. Even though their partnership with Diamond is in its infancy, Paws and Tails UK have already experienced the benefits of outsourcing their fulfilment solutions. They favoured Diamond’s support and technology as it is “a one stop shop” for all their pet products fulfilment and delivery needs. Paws and Tails UK and Chamelon Codewing avail of Diamond’s 48-hour delivery service by using Diamond’s logistics management platform, Despatchlab, which links to their in-house software easily and seamlessly. Not only does the partnership save them time but they have also experienced the cost saving incentives very early on in the relationship.

Paws and Tails UK and Chamelon Codewing chairman, Phil Stanley, had this to say about their partnership with Diamond,

“Diamond were very helpful in getting our bespoke software to link to theirs and with the cost saving associated with partnering with Diamond we see a bright and more profitable 2023.”

What are their business plans for 2023?

When asked about their business plans for 2023, Phil stated,

“We look forward to growth within the UK market by introducing new product lines and further expansion into Europe where we are currently delivering pet products to four countries.”

We would like to thank Phil for taking the time to speak with our team. We are very proud to be working with the dedicated Paws and Tails UK and look forward to a fruitful future together. If you would like to know more about Paws and Tails UK and check out their lovable pet products, please visit

About Paws and Tail’s UK

Paws and Tails UK is a company specialising in luxury pet products. As well as working with Paws and Tails UK, we also work with its sister company, Chamelon Codewing, providers of motoring goods and accessories; all from our fulfilment centre in Colchester. Established in 1989, the company’s main focus was on the selling of motoring accessories such as mobile phone car kits and branched out into fitting and selling a range of tracking devices and LED light bars. The company was contracted for the installation of car kits and delivered motoring accessories to a network of 600 dealers nationwide. Later, when they spotted a gap in the market and an increase in demand for luxury pet products, they established Paws and Tails UK, which sells luxury pet products directly via marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

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pet products fulfilment

Paws & Tails

Sector: Pet products

Reach: National and European markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • One stop shop” for all their logistics needs
  • Established national fulfilment centres
  • Well positioned and experienced for European growth
  • Excellent customer support

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