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SnM Stuff Online – It’s all fun and gaming thanks to fulfilment support

This month, we spoke to SnM Stuff Online about how outsourcing their fulfilment and delivery has enabled them to focus more time on their core business.

What fulfilment and delivery support did they need?

SnM Stuff Online’s need for flexibility resulted in them reaching out to Diamond in order to outsource their gaming and modelling fulfilment requirements. By engaging with Diamond, they have been given the opportunity to grow. Utilising Diamond’s services will enable them to offer a more diverse set of delivery options for their customers.

Sean Bissett-Powell, founder and owner of SnM Stuff Online Ltd, had this to say about the partnership,

“We’ve been really pleased with the way our relationship with Diamond is building. Generally, everything just works – it’s one less part of the business I need to constantly worry about.”

When discussing the benefits of the partnership, Sean had this to say about Diamond,

“The biggest benefit of working with Diamond is the people. Although we haven’t needed to do it often, whenever something unexpected has happened (and it’s the real world, these things do occasionally happen) we’ve been able to pick up the phone, talk to a real person who knows what they are doing, and reach a rapid solution. It’s a huge contrast to other couriers we have used in the past.”

What are their plans for 2023?

Although 2022 has been a challenging year with inflation rates, supply chain disruption, exchange rate fluctuations and the Royal Mail strike action, Sean is confident that the steps that they are taking now will guarantee financial stability and success for the company in 2023.

This Black Friday, the company will also be holding a massive clearance sale where everything must go. To check out their amazing gaming and modelling products and the offers they have online, visit the SnM website here:

About SnM Stuff Online Ltd

SnM Stuff Online Ltd is an eCommerce gaming and modelling business that provides products and resources for model-makers, war gamers and tabletop RPG players. The company’s focus is to provide high quality and reliable consumable products for their customers, as well as models, miniature figures, and speciality items such as airbrush kits. The company was founded by Sean and his wife Mel, who are avid modellers themselves which gives them a distinctive edge when selling their products. They can provide in depth help and advice to their customers about all of their tried and tested stock.

Since it was first established 16 years ago, SnM Stuff Online Ltd have gone through a vast number of changes. Having started out as an online side hustle then transforming into a physical retail store, Sean and Mel decided to stick to their roots and move the entire operation online. This better enabled them to provide great products for a reasonable price coupled with outstanding customer service and the flexibility to change with the times.

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gaming fulfilment

SnM Stuff Online

Sector: Gaming

Reach: National markets

Diamond services: eCommerce logistics management, storage and fulfilment

Why they chose Diamond:

  • Flexible service
  • Excellent customer support
  • Experienced fulfilment centres
  • eCommerce specialists

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