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Cold sameday courier companies


Let me tell you a story…

7 years ago I had to change my business. Why? Because sameday was not going to give me and my family the lifestyle I desired.

So myself and Daniel Allin created a 3 service business which doubled my annual revenues in a year.

Then we trialled it in 2 other sites – and it worked there too.

So we then opened the opportunity up around the UK and we have 15 sites servicing 25 areas of the UK.

This year we can add another 25. And we’d like yours to be one.

diamond has a unique service profile incorporating same day, a multi carrier overnight solution and online fulfilment – all backed by our very own logistics platform despatchlab. Its unique – and it works.

Mandy’s story

12 months adding hundreds of thousands to revenues – here’s Mandy’s story.

Mandy had an XDP depot and was used to running a very successful delivery franchise. But she saw the market changing, margins being eroded and searched for other opportunities. And the company she had worked with had changed – its treatment of its delivery partners was worsening. So Mandy searched for alternative revenue streams for her business. When she came across the diamond model she was impressed by just how different it was.

Three services –all evolved to appeal to a changing and innovative market. Not just same day, but overnight and international too – with the all important fulfilment which has seen a 400% increase in the last 3 years throughout the network. 

Mandy says ’Its completely turned the traditional courier model on its head. Its innovative supportive and easy to sell – as long as you follow the sales formula prescriptively’.

But it hasn’t always been easy – but Mandy listened to advice from HQ, got stuck in and through grit and determination won Franchise of the Year in 2017.

Asad’s story

I am proud to say I have been the fastest growing start up franchise to date in the diamond network…..

I am Asad Ullah, the proud owner of diamond logistics in Bolton. I first heard about diamond logistics at the National Franchise Exhibition in October 2013. I already had a background in the transport industry where I was managing various contracts for a variety of national clients. However, I wanted to do something whereby I was rewarded for my own successes and also retain a degree of control in my life.

My experiences had taught me that logistics was a fast-growing sector and a franchise opportunity with diamond would enable me to grow and take me to that next level. I decided to invest in the franchise as the next step in my career and started my depot in June 2014. I have never looked back. I love having the flexibility of being my own boss but having the support of the larger network of franchisees and HQ team.

I was thoroughly impressed with the support that all the team at HQ have provided since I started, right from the initial franchise training which was offered as part of the franchise fee. As a new franchisee looking to invest, I learnt a lot from the Book of diamond which was provided as part of the training. The book is comprehensive and goes into detail on how to establish a successful courier company in your territory and avoid simple mistakes.

I will continue to learn new skills within sales, marketing and operations as I grow. I have already built a strong team in the Bolton depot and look forward to creating new opportunities for me and my team.

I doubled my turnover in 2016 and then struggled with the scale of the business – it had grown so quick! But the diamond team were on hand to guide me through it and after a period of consolidation in 2017 (including a new baby and a house move), I have just acquired a new 10000 fulfiment site which is now open in Bolton.

diamond want me to grown – and I am very proud of what myself and my team have achieved here in Bolton.

Why a franchise shortcuts you path to success

I know you CAN start up from scratch. Of course you can. But that’s like saying anyone can start a burger shop and be McDonalds. Now that’s just not true.

Start up on your own and you won’t have the following;

  • 3 unique services – sameday, overnight & international and fulfilment
  • The despatchlab Logistics Platform – the fully marketplace integrated online booking, inventory and despatch system – for you AND your client to run their businesses on.
  • The accounts with the carriers – we spend millions, granting us the rates and service that our corporate account status warrants.
  • The Training – Diamond Logistics University equips our franchise with all they need to know to sell and run a successful, lucrative fulfilment and delivery business
  • In-built credit control and working capital
  • Centralised marketing and sales to help your business grow
  • Over 25 years trading record
  • 100 years combined Board experience

And then – and here’s the bonus feature – when we have our full network we aim to open our doors to national contracts – which represent over 50% of the UK courier market. And you will be the recipient of this bounty by being part of the network.

This template is a short cut to success, reduces expensive mistakes and allows you to compete with the big boys in terms of national capacity – plus reduces much of your finance team requirements and sorts all the suppliers accounts.

Kate says, ‘Quite honestly if someone had offered me this franchise when I was starting out I would have bitten their arm off.  It would have saved me a lot of heart ache and a shed load of grief not to mention skip loads of cash’.

Anyway I hope this illuminates why a diamond franchise is a short cut to business success.  Not just in my opinion but in the opinion of the 20 other Network Partners who helped us with the Fast Track 100 Growth Award making diamond the 65th fastest growing company in the UK, Finalist for BFA Emerging Franchisor AND National Champion for the European Business Awards,

If you are serious about joining the fastest growing courier company in the UK GET IN TOUCH. You might be EXACTLY what we are looking for.

The Big Picture

We are building a network here at diamond – not just to give every business the fulfilment and delivery solutions they need to build their businesses – but to give logistics professionals the ability to have the service platform they need to expand.

And there’s more.  Once diamond have built the network we intend to facilitate the sameday fulfilment UK wide – and you can be part of that.

Every new franchise has a requirement to establish their own local revenues – but we have seen the future here at diamond and know retailers and online traders are looking at how they can up the ante  in the future  – and the same day delivery nationwide is where its at.

2019 franchise launch slots now available

2019 is looming and it’s a great opportunity to change your business trajectory.  We have 4 launches a month next year, and its time to book up your launch slots now.

First step – book a call with Daniel Allin to discuss how a diamond franchise is the number one way you can build your business in 2019.


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