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Diamond Depot Update

Swindon-300x225From Basildon to Scotland Diamond Logistics are expanding with new depots opening up and down the country.

In May 2015 we’ve been pleased to announce the launches of Diamond Logistics Bristol, Milton Keynes and Swindon. A Diamond Network Partnership will give you a suite of services – overnight and international deliveries, storage and fulfilment and same day courier. It gives you access to the very best sales methodology to build your business – supported by a team with collective experience in the hundred’s of years – so they have much experience to share with you to help your business to grow.

All 3 depots are great additions to our increasing national courier network, now 22 locations strong. For opportunities in your area then get in touch by calling 0333 567 5888 or emailing

Our existing depots are working tirelessly to bring great logistics solutions to businesses up and down the country. Recently Diamond Logistics Basildon which is shortly celebrating 1 year of operation, has now expanded to the CM (Chelmsford) and RM (Romford) areas.

Within the next month, Salisbury, Blackburn and Swansea will be next area to have Diamond Logistics roll into town.

The plan is for a diamond depot to be within 45 minutes of any major conurbation in the UK – providing an alternative network for fulfilment and delivery around the UK. It’s an opportunity for logistics professionals to add a suite of services to their existing business that they simply wouldn’t be able to access alone, and eventually – when the network is established access to national opportunities too.

For our clients it provides an owner led solution for your local logistics requirements. The belief is that it combines the best of both worlds – local ownership and personal relationships to enjoy, yet with all the technology and resources you need for a truly global quality service offering.

Keep up to date with new franchise launches by visiting Diamond Logistics on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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